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Club History

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Sarajevo FC during the period of 1960 - 1965

1960 - 1965

The club ended the First League season at sixth place. There was no time for rest, since Sarajevo FC played in the Central European Cup for the first time, with the first international match against Hungary's MTK at Koševo, where it lost 2-1, followed by a defeat in rematch at the NEP stadium in Budapest. After the fourth round, Sarajevo FC occupied penultimate position in the standings, but this was followed by victories over Partizan and Hajduk, and a point earned in Mostar.

During the autumn season, Sarajevo FC dropped out of the Cup, and the spring brought the battle to survive in the League. In the first round of Sarajevo FC defeated Radnički and moved away from the bottom of the table, following by a defeat at Marakana. At that time, Sarajevo FC had secured its survival and the match against Velež was less important in terms of score which settled at 2-2. After two seasons, Miroslav Brozović was replaced by Ratomir Čabrić, whose results in friendly matches were great, but the opening of the Championship failed to meet the expectations. This was followed by a heavy 6-1 defeat by OFK Beograd, together with a victory over Novi Sad with 5-1 score. After that Sarajevo FC played at Kantrida, scoring one point, followed by victory over Borac in the next round. The most important score was achieved in the seventh round, i.e. victory over Hajduk in Split, earning fourth place for Sarajevo FC, whose subsequent poor performance until the end of the season brought the club to the seventh place. This was followed by the Cup matches and Sarajevo FC successfully mastered the first two obstacles in form of victories over Čelik and Novi Sad. With 22 points under its belt, Sarajevo FC ended up at seventh place. It is necessary to mention the debut game in the Balkan Cup. Sarajevo FC was placed in a group with Greece's Olympiacos, Turkish Galatasaray and Steagul Rosu Brasov from Romania.

Sarajevo FC in 1962

In the first round of the Rappan Cup, Sarajevo won 3-2, but it was defeated in the second round in Geneva, followed by a 2-1 victory over Nimes and a heavy 5-1 defeat by Slovan, placing Sarajevo FC at the second place in the standings.

In the first two rounds of the new season, Rijeka and Budućnost were defeated with a minimum score, followed by a draw with Red Star in the next two rounds and a defeat in Belgrade. Sarajevo competed in the Balkan Cup and Romanian Steagul Rosu was defeated with the score of 2-0, while the continuation of the Championship in the first two rounds brought four points for Sarajevo FC. In autumn, the results turned for worse as Sarajevo FC scored only two draws and seven defeats, five of which were suffered in the Championship and two in the Balkan Cup, which left the fans dissatisfied. However, this year brought an important change in the identity of the club, as everyone was impressed by the color of the opponents’ jerseys during the match in Geneva, so bordeaux was adopted as the official color of jerseys and the club’s logo still in use today was also changed. All of these provided Sarajevo FC with a recognizable club identity. In the spring’s half-season Sarajevo FC scored two victories in the first two rounds, while the third round brought a draw in Belgrade. Still, this solid opening in the half-season is once again followed by subsequent drop in form, with three consecutive defeats and the seventh victory in the season only in the 20th round. After that, the only significant results were the victory over Dinamo and the one at Grbavica in the penultimate round. This was supposed to be a farewell game for Ferhatović who was on his way to Istanbul as he became a new player of Fenerbahce. Sarajevo FC ended the season at ninth place in the standings. After two seasons Ratomir Čabrić left the coaching bench of Sarajevo FC replaced by Abdulah Gegić, and a couple of players left Sarajevo FC, but, to the surprise of many, Asim Ferhatović returned. After just four games, Hase thanked his new club, and asked for permission to return to Sarajevo FC, saying: "Brother, I ​​cannot play for money and listen to how I am supposed to play. I am thankful to them for they were correct and created no problems for me. I told them that I can only play in Sarajevo".

Sarajevo FC in 1963

Gegić sorted things out quickly with a clear vision for the first eleven. The first two rounds brought two defeats by OFK Beograd and Vojvodina, while the third round saw a match against Željezničar with 4-1 victory. In the next round Sarajevo FC came back from Split with one point and it defeated Trešnjevka at Koševo. This was followed by a defeat by Red Star in Belgrade, and in the next four matches Sarajevo FC managed to secure seven points out of the maximum eight. In the Yugoslav Cup Sarajevo FC defeated Jedinstvo from Odžak and Željezničar. In this year, Sarajevo FC resolved three matches with Željezničar in its favor. In the eleventh round, the club was defeated by Vardar, yet, in the next round, Sarajevo FC triumphed over Dinamo, while returning from Belgrade with one point. Sixteen points was enough for shared third place with Dinamo and Ferhatović was particularly impressive with eleven goals in nine games.

Sarajevo FC in 1964

The spring’s half-season opened with three draws and a win over Hajduk, and after seventeen rounds Sarajevo FC was finally in the position to fight for the top of the table. Even then, the fans already started dreaming of the title, but the players were not ready to cope with the pressure and the following three defeats almost kicked out Sarajevo FC from the championship race. The 21st round reminded everyone of the great games of Sarajevo FC, as Novi Sad returned home with three goals in its net, and three days later, in the 1/8 of the European Cup finals, Novi Sad was better for a one scored goal. The next five rounds brought new six points for Sarajevo FC, and the most impressive victory of 3-0 was that over Partizan. With one of these three goals Ferhatović confirmed his title of top scorer of the Yugoslav First League for 1963/1964 season. After the season, Sarajevo FC focused on the second game in the Rappan Cup, where it secured one draw and two wins in the three rounds, while the next three matches were played at Koševo, bringing seven points for FC Sarajevo. In its Rappan Cup group, Sarajevo FC ended up third.

After this, Gegić wanted to secure better results, followed by a point from Zagreb, a convincing victory of 3-1 over Željezničar and the defeat by Vojvodina, as well as three consecutive victories. This was followed by a defeat in Niš, and home games with Red Star and Dinamo, but between these two rounds Sarajevo FC played an away game with Partizan. Only few expected the eight scored and zero conceded goals, which was a great end of the season. A winter break followed and Sarajevo FC lagged behind Red Star by one point only. Sarajevo FC was to play games in the Championship, Marshal Tito Cup and Central European Cup. The Championship victory over Tresnjevka secured the first place for Sarajevo FC, followed by a draw at Grbavica, and a win over Vojvodina, which was enough for Sarajevo FC to retain its advantage.

Sarajevo FC in 1965

Thereafter, Sarajevo FC was a host to the Soviet national football team, and the home team was strengthened by two best players from Željezničar. Sarajevo FC put up strong resistance, but the defeat was inevitable.

This was followed by a defeat against Velež, but it has not shaken the position of Sarajevo FC, especially with the 4-1 victory over Hajduk in the next round. What followed was a very difficult schedule, which resulted in four matches without a win, dropping out of the Cup and defeat in the first round of the Central European Cup. Dreams of the title were shattered, but Sarajevo FC gathered enough strength to retain its second place.


Top goalscorers

100 Ferhatović Asim
96 Sušić Safet
90 Živkov Dobrivoje
89 Obuća Emir
83 Musemić Vahidin
75 Šehovic Salih
67 Antić Boško
66 Lovrić Franjo
65 Musemić Husref
65 Avdić Alen

Most appearances

378 Biogradlić Ibrahim
314 Ihtijarević Faruk
299 Vujović Svetozar
295 Zukić Muhidin
286 Šljivo Edhem
270 Alaim Muhamed
265 Hadžibegić Faruk
265 Muzurović Fuad
265 Janjoš Mehmed
263 Fazlagić Mirsad