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Genk - Sarajevo (2007)

06.04.2013 at 00:45h

After two convincing victories against Marsaxlok, with an aggregate score of 9.1, in the media it was still possible to see the bloated and overconfident statements of the Belgian players and coach who believed that the first match with the champions of BiH would finish with nothing less than victory. On the other hand, Husref Musemić and his players remained quite reserved and moderate in their pre-match statements. They gave the advantage to Genk, due to the home advantage and the quality of football in general in Belgium in relation to that of football in BiH.

In order to prove that such statements were incorrect the bordeaux team, with the help of a large group of core supporters, hordes of evil, who had arrived in Genk to provide maximum support, 20:30 to 22:15 h, on that night at the Crystal Arena gave a real football lesson to the Belgians and brought them to one step away from falling out!

The professional staff decided to start the match with a 4-5-1 formation, which ultimately proved to be the perfect formation. In this situation the 'blue-white' midfielder line was unspectacular and attempted to attack from the flanks, but even there they could not succeed. At the outset the game was controlled by the midfield where Genk had more possession and probed Sarajevo's strength. Yet in the 14th minute Alaimo lobbed the ball into the host's half and from a harmless looking situation KRC Genk were made to pay a high price. Admir Raščić, who was a great reader of the game, stalked the reckless stopper Matoukou and the goalkeeper Bailly and exploited their mistakes to make it 0.1 for Sarajevo! This was followed by frantic celebrations on the bordeaux team bench as well as in the section of the stand where the FK Sarajevo fans were situated.

Immediately after the goal Genk had a one-hundred percent chance. A great pass from the left found the home striker, Bosniak, who rose highest to head from five feet but Alaim made a fantastic save and sent the ball out for a corner. After that the hosts continued to attack but the defence and midfield of the best team in BiH were excellently organised, while Raščić remained alone in the attack and caused great problems for the Genk defence. However, in the 29th minute, Babic made a terrible mistake when he accidentally touched the ball with his hand and the Russian referee pointed to the penalty spot. The home team captain, Cornelis, took the penalty which was brilliantly saved by Alaim only for Cornelis to head the rebound towards the bottom right hand corner where Alaim was unable to stop it from crossing the goal line. No more major chances appeared during the remainder of the first half with Sarajevo's defence holding up well and attempting to play long balls over the host's midfield.

Husref Musemić made no changes at half-time and so that the same team took to the field for the second half. The home team were a lot more offensive with the first serious chance appearing in the 47th minute. The hosts broke down the left side where the ball passed to Caillet who from a promising position sent the ball wide. Also worthy of mention was the shot by Vrancken from 16 metres that went just wide of the right hand post. In between these attacks the Russian referee gave the most cards for dissent. In the 55th minute Grujic fired a free kick that went just a few inches wide of the goal. In addition, Zdravko Šaraba shot three free kick sat the home team's goal but did not have the same luck as he had against the Maltese.

Due to injury Musemic withdrew Hadzic from the game replacing him with Džakmić, while later in the game the goal scorer Raščić was replaced by Mesic. The best substitution proved to be when Almir Turković arrived and was able to control the ball and bring additional self-confidence to the Sarajevo ranks by utilising all of his range of skills. In the 71 minute Raščić had the ball at a distance of 16 metres from goal, but due to his being over-elaborate the attack broke down. However, the 86th minute was to be remembered. Turković received the ball in the centre field and drew the Genk players towards him before passing the ball to the other side where Muharemović was free and masterfully lobbed the home team's goalkeeper. This was followed by total madness on the Sarajevo bench and the stand where the Sarajevo supporters were gathered. Sarajevo maintained its advantage until the end of the match and so cleverly won the game.



Spectators: 14000
Referee: Igor Egorov (Rusija)

Stadium: Cristal Arena

Sarajevo: Alaim, Babić, Šaraba, Milošević, Bašić, Muharemović, Bučan (69' Turković), Maksimović, Grujić, Hadžić (75' Džakmić), Raščić (80' Mešić).

0:1 – Raščić 14'
1:1 – Cornelis 30' penal
2:1 VeldinMuharemović 86'