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Sarajevo - Crvena Zvezda (1991)

06.04.2013 at 00:30h

Only four days after winning the title of the European champions, Red Star team was scheduled to appear in an away game at Koševo in the 35thround of the First League.

At that time, Sarajevo FC found itself in a rather difficult situation, as the struggle for survival was coming to an end. In the last five games, ahead of the game with Red Star, the bordeaux team had four wins, and the final verification of survival was to be just another victory, in this case against the club from Belgrade.

Sarajevo FC apparently entered the game with a lot more motivation, launching fierce attacks on the goal of the European champions. The first serious opportunity was converted into the lead goal. In the 18th minute Bernard Barnjak found himself in front of the goalkeeper Jovanovic and scored a hit without much effort, to the great delight of the “Hordes of Evil”. The visitors quickly responded only five minutes later, as Pančev was presented with a chance to score a goal, but he hit the goal post of Prudnjikov’s goal from close range instead. Soon afterwards, Ante Puhalak tried the same on the other side of the court, hitting the goal post once again.

In the 37thminute Šabanadžović knocked down Kuprešanin in the penalty area, and referee Barberić pointed to the penalty spot. The ball was set by Miloš Nedić, but Jovanović read his intentions and threw himself in the right direction, defending the shot in brief. However, Nedić ran forward and tucked the ball into net at distance of five meters for a 2-0 lead for Sarajevo FC. When it seemed that this result would remain unchanged before the half-time, within the final seconds of the first half the best European scorer Darko Pančev managed to send the ball to Sarajevo FC’s net almost from a blind spot, for the final score of 2-1 in the first half.

Puhalak enjoyed the first opportunity in the second half, when his shot from about five meters was deflected thanks to Jovanović’s brilliant intervention, although everyone had already seen the ball in the goal. In the 67th minute, Puhalak managed to turn around the initial impression, and converted his third hundred percent chance into the ball which headed into Jovanović’s net for an important score of 3-1. Kosevo exploded as the survival became a reality and it was just the matter of calmly bringing the game to an end.

The thrill of the game was restored in the last few minutes, once again by Darko Pančev. In the 83rd minute, Pančev used another half-opportunity to trick goalkeeper Prudnjikov goalkeeper, setting the final 3-2 score. Sarajevo FC achieved so valuable victory against the new European champions, which the players celebrated together with the most loyal fans, with songs, satisfaction and tears of joy.

Among the most satisfied was certainly the head of the coaching staff of Sarajevo FC, Fuad Muzurović, who was finally able to breathe a sigh of relief, having fulfilled the goal set before him by the club management after he was brought in during the season, at a time when Sarajevo FC had occupied penultimate position in the standings.


Date: 02.06.1991.
Spectators: 12.000
Referee: Dragan Barberić (Novi Sad)

Sarajevo: Prudnjikov, Vidaković, Geca (Raičković), Slagalo, Bajić, Nedić, Puhalak (Ramović), Kuprešanin, Barnjak, Varupa, Suljagić. Trener: Fuad Muzurović.

Crvena Zvezda: Jovanović, Tošić, Marović, Šabanadžović, Belodedić, Momčilović, Prosinečki, Mihajlović, Pančev, Stošić, Jugović (Lukić). Trener: Ljubomir Petrović.

1:0 - Barnjak 18'
2:0 - Nedić 37'
2:1 - Pančev 45'
3:1 - Puhalak 67'
3:2 - Pančev 83'