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Sarajevo - Helsingborg (2009)

06.04.2013 at 08:44h

The result of the second game between these two teams was the same as in the first match in Sweden and therefore this 4th round qualifier had to be decided by penalties. Although the match started in the worst possible way for Sarajevo the bordeaux lads, carried on by the enormous support of around 20,000 fans, managed to turn the result in their favour and celebrate a great victory.

At the very beginning of the match Sarajevo attacked towards the visitors’ goal with the first opportunity falling to Hamzagić who shot from about 20 meters but the visitor’s keeper stood firm. But then in the next attack came a cold shower. From a throw in from the left Johnsson was in the right place to score from six to seven metres to make it 0.1. In the next attack Muminović’s attempted shot went high and wide over the goal. The next opportunity fell to Hadzic whose shot was blocked and Avdic’s resulting header went wide.

The Swedes continued to try to take advantage of the confusion and panic in the Sarajevo defence after conceding such an easy goal. Through his fantastic interventions Alaim managed to keep Sarajevo in the game but twice the Helsingborg strikers hit the woodwork. On 24 minutes Hamzagić passed brilliantly to Hadzic but a last ditch clearance by the visitors defence sent the ball out for a corner. Dudo had the next opportunity after a cross from Belosevic allowed him a header which went over the bar. On 32 minutes Hadzic foreshadowed what was to happen only a few minutes later. He fired an excellent shot from some 25 metres but missed the goal. Džakmić also shot from distance but the keeper saved. Then came a joyous eruption in Kosevo Stadium when on 38 minutes Beloševic‘s corner was cleared from the penalty area by the defence only for Hadzic to strike a phenomenal 25 metre shot that shook the back of the net. Such a seldom seen shot brought rarely seen celebrations in the stands.

The second half began with a good chance for the visitors but Torlak’s intervention sent it out for a corner. Thereafter Hamzagić had two attempts. The first chance came after a Beloševic corner when his header went just wide of the post, while the second was when he shot left footed from some 16 meters but the goalie saved it. Maksumic then wasted an excellent opportunity when he shot wide from only a few metres out, following another corner kick. In the 66th minute Muminović made a great run down the right side and entered the penalty area only for his shot to pass just wide of the post. Following yet another corner in the 73 minute Hadzic again attempted a long-range shot, but this time the goalkeeper held his shot. But then a new eruption of delight abounded in Kosevo Stadium after a brilliant move down the right side by Rizvanović and Muminović in the 78th minute. Muminović shot the ball across the front of the visitors penalty area and found the experienced Alen Avdic in the right place to make it 2.1 to Sarajevo. This fantastic move reversed the score. After the goal was scored the pace of the match decreased slightly and as there were no more chances the match went into extra time. Extra time was played mostly in the middle of park and the only noteworthy attempts came from Džakmića and Rizvanović. The result remained unchanged and so the match had to be decided by penalties. The second series of penalties proved decisive when Alaim saved the shot by Ekstrand. Unlike the Swedes the Sarajevo players were infallible from 11 meters with Jahović, Ihtijarević, Rizvanović, Maksumić and Hamzagić all scoring. Huge celebrations by the Sarajevo fans followed.


FK SARAJEVO - Helsingborg 5:4

Spectators: 18.000
Referee: Aleksej Kulbakov (Bjelorusija)

Sarajevo: Alaim, Rizvanović, Belošević (70'Jahović), Dudo (58' Ihtijarević), Torlak, Maksumić, Muminović, Džakmić, Avdić, Hamzagić, Hadžić (82' Čomor). Trener: Mehmed Janjoš


0:1 Johnson 2'
1:1 Hadžić 38'
2:1 Avdić 78'

Scorers in the penalty shootout: Jahović, Ihtijarević, Rizvanović, Maksumić, Hamzagić.