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Sarajevo - Levski (2012)

06.04.2013 at 08:55h

After the defeat from the team of Levski  in Sofia with the score of 0:1, in the return match played at the stadium of Koševo, Sarajevo FC managed to beat the Bulgarian team and thus reach the third qualifying round for the Europe League. The aggregate score of the two-leg match was 3:1 in favour of the bordeaux-white team.

Sarajevo FC started offensively, exactly as Jović had announced. It was in the 12th minute that Belošević strongly kicked the ball away and Husejinović brilliantly followed its movement, came to the penalty area of the guests and hit the net of Iliev. The cheering on the stands had not even stopped when the net behind Levski’s goalkeeper’s back was hit again. It was a fantastic action, finishing with Hadžić’s finding Suljić who masterfully scored a goal from full sprint, thus increasing the lead score for his team.

At the 26th minute of the game, Hadžić launched a brilliant half volley shot but Iliev was on guard and diverted the ball out for a corner. Thereafter followed a slower period of the game, up until the 34th minute, when Levski reduced the lead score difference of the home team. A single charge of Tatomirović over Ivanov resulted in referee Balaj’s calling for penalty, too harshly, as it seems. Unfailing from the penalty spot was De Carvalho. By the end of the first half, the team from Koševo did not manage to recover or pose any serious threat to the guests.  It should be stressed that Jović was forced to make a substitution and Tadejević came into the game instead of Zlatković.

In the continuation of the match, Sarajevo FC started offensively, but the Levski defence was right at its place. In the 56th minute, Sarajevo FC had a colossal opportunity. Assisted by Hadžić, Husejinović shoots from close range, but the goalkeeper of the guests fantastically defends.  Not long after that, the kick of Tadejević was also blocked. Six minutes later, Sarajevo FC’s best player at this match, Husejinović, corrects his mistake. In an unstoppable breakthrough, he dribbled past a couple of Levski’s players and then unleashed a powerful shot hitting the corner between the crossbar and a goal post of Ilijev’s goal and thus provoking an eruption at  Koševo. In the 67th minute, Belošević’s free kick sends the ball right past the goal.

In the 72nd minute, a great chance for Levski. Luckily for the home team, De Carvalho misses after a head kick. A minute later, Belošević strikes but misses. In the 84th minute, Karamatić makes an attempt, but the ball goes over the crossbar. In the following attack, Silva’s kick fell short. The bordeaux team managed to keep their net safe until the end of the match and the celebration at Koševo could begin.

Sarajevo - Levski 3:1

Stadium: "Asim Ferharović-Hase".
Referee: CristianBalaj (Rumunija).


1:0 Husejinović (12')
2:0 Suljić (14')
2:1 De Carvalho (34', penalty kick)
3:1 Husejinović (62')

Yellow cards: Suljić, Hadžić, Karamatić (Sarajevo FC); Marcinho, Angelov, Starokin, Raykov (Levski).

Sarajevo: Adilović, Torlak, Tatomirović, Belošević, Dupovac, Sesar, Husejinović (69' Čomor), Šunjevarić, Zlatković (30' Tadejević), Hadžić, Suljić (79' Karamatić).