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Sarajevo - Orebro (2011)

06.04.2013 at 08:53h

Our boys entered this match with a great desire for victory after the first leg 0:0 tie in Sweden. Their objective was clear from the very first minute and so already in the second minute of the match Kenan Handžić attempted to score a goal. Handžić unleashed an excellent left foot shot from some twenty meters distance, but the goalkeeper of Örebro managed to defend the shot. A little later, Suljić launched a very good throw-in from the right side, and Haskić headed the ball, but wide. Not long after that, Kojašević also made an attempt from 25 meters, but encountered another good reaction of the excellent goalkeeper of the guests. Haskić threatened the goal once again, but Alvbage was unfailingly reliable. The guests were not particularly dangerous in the first half. They posed a threat only once through their very dangerous player Rama, but Hamzić managed to block his shot from the right side. Our coach, Jirži Plišek, realized that the Swedes had marked the left side tightly and he made a switch by assigning Kojašević to the right and Suljić to the left side. This bore fruit in the 44 the minute. Behind the back of Wowoaha, the left fullback of Örebro, Vučina Šćepanović provided a phenomenal assistance to Suljić, who was fouled by Fredrik Nordback, and the French referee Buquet had no other option but to point to the penalty spot. The most experienced player of our team, Emir Obuća, takes the ball but shoots right in the middle and the best opportunity of the first half time is lost forever.  

In the second half time one might expect that the spirit of the bordeaux boys would break as a result of the missed penalty kick. However, the effect was entirely different. Jirži Plišek managed to calm down his players, which resulted in a score already in the 47th minute. Koševo stadium exploded. Šćepanović was fouled in the midfield, Kenan Handžić takes the ball and quickly passes it to Belošević on the left who strikes an excellent ground kick, Alvbage repels a short ball up to Haskić who runs up and kicks it right into the net. This was the first score of the player who signed to Sarajevo FC from Budućnost from Zavidovići, as a reinforcement.  After that, each team had a free kick. First Belošević threatens, but the ball went past the goal, and then Paulinho on the other side, whose kick is defended by the very good goalkeeper Hamzić. In the 62nd minute, Sarajevo FC's captain, Sedin Torlak, intercepts an attack of the guests on his half, runs some fifty meters and in the best centre midfielder's style assists  Haskić who routinely  scores for 2:0.  The guests once again tried to score through Brazilian Paulinho, who hits the crossbar. That was all from the Swedish representative. Sarajevo FC could have triumphed even more convincingly had Suljić and Obuća been more accurate in their shoots. However, this was enough for another European victory.

Sarajevo FC: Hamzić, Čomor, Belošević, Torlak, Dupovac, Suljić (Hadžić 81'), Kojašević (Bajraktarević 85'), K. Handžić, Šćepanović (H. Handžić 90'), Obuća, Haskić.

Örebro: Alvbage, Haginge, Johansson (Astvald 60'), Kihlberg, Nordback, Staaf (Yasin 82'), Wirtanen, Wowoah, Gerzić, Rama (Berger 89'), Paulinho.

Number of Spectators: 15000


1:0 Haskić 46'
2:0 Haskić 62'