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Sarajevo - Partizan (1967)

06.04.2013 at 00:12h

In the season 1966/67 Sarajevo played excellently on all three fronts. From the very start of the Championship the bordeaux team maintained the top position in the table, while in Europe it reached the quarter-finals of the European Cup and attained excellent results in the Yugoslav Cup.

After fighting through the elimination rounds of the Republican contest (Romanija 9.1, 4.1 and Jedinstvo 4.1 and Velez 5.3) Sarajevo continued to gain good results in the finals of the competition. First they defeated Dinamo in Zagreb (1.0) and then in the quarterfinals beat Napredak 2.0. So for the third time Sarajevo reached the semi-finals of the cup (previously in 1947 and 1952). In the draw it was decided that Partizan Belgrade, the current runners-up in Europe, should visit Kosevo.

Despite the chilly weather Koševo Stadium was filled to capacity and the atmosphere was enhanced by flares and rockets that ripped through the Sarajevo sky. The match began solemnly as the Sarajevo Captain, Mirsad Fazlagic, was presented with the award for being the best Yugoslav footballer in March.

From the first minute Sarajevo started forcefully and with only one intention: to score an early goal. The first opportunity to do so fell to Vahidin Musemic following a corner on 14 minutes. Yet they did not have to wait long for the opening goal which came in the 24th minute. Fazlagić moved in from the wing and put in a perfect centre for Bosko Antic and Čurković. The goalkeeper failed to catch the ball and it slipped through his hands bounced into the area where through a sea of legs the Sarajevo centre forward, Musemic,hit the back of the Partizan net. Some 35,000 supporters erupted in celebration. Following the goal Sarajevo did not continue to attack, although the supporters demanded it. Instead the coach, Miroslav Brozovic, decided to reach half time using more reserved tactics. The defence, led by the veterans Ibrahim Biogradlić and Mirsad Fazlagic, successfully stopped all of the attacks of the players from Belgrade. Yet the visitors had their best chance at the very end of the half. Pirmajer fired a strong free kick and Ibrahim Sirco deflected it a short distance where Vislavski met the ball but his header went high over the crossbar from just five-meter out.

Sarajevo opened the second half well with a chance for Musemic after another corner. Partizan responded quickly. After a cross from Pirmajer the goalkeeper Sirico poorly estimated the flight of the ball which skipped over him but the unmarked Rašović failed to hit an empty Sarajevo net and the ball bounced off the bar and went out. Partizan continued to search for the equalizer up until the end of the match but the last line of the Sarajevo defence functioned flawlessly and denied the visitors from Belgrade the chance to seriously threaten Sirćo’s goal. The only danger to his goal occurred some 15 minutes before the end of the match when Rašović fired wide from a promising position. Thus Sarajevo successfully preserved the advantage achieved gained through Musemić’s strike and rightly achieved its place in the Yugoslav Cup final for the first time. The bordeaux team’s opponents in the finals were to be Hajduk Split and it was decided that the venue would be chosen through a draw.

Thus came the famous concoction prepared by the leaders of the Split club wherein the draw to decide who would host the final was decided by two balls both containing slips of paper with the word ‘Split’. The match took place at the Stari Plac Stadium and Hajduk won 2.1, thus shattering the dreams of Sarajevo fans to win the most ‘favoured trophy."


Date: 05.04.1967.

Spectators: 35.000

Referee: Lado Jakše (Ljubljana)

Sarajevo: Sirćo, Fazlagić, Muzurović, Jesenković, Biogradlić, Bajić, Prodanović (Blažević), Šiljkut, Prljača, Musemić, Antić. Trener: Miroslav Brozović.
Partizan: Čurković, Paunović, Damjanović, Bečejac, Rašović, Mihajlović, Bajić, Đorđević, Hasanagić, Vislavski, Pirmajer. Trener: AbdulahGegić.


1:0 - Musemić 24'