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Sarajevo - Željezničar (1976)

06.04.2013 at 00:24h

Both premier league teams from Sarajevo FC had a poor start in the season of 1976/77. Sarajevo FC opened the championship weakened by the absence of two most important players: Safet Sušić who had been injured and Edhem Šljivo who had gone to Kruševac to do his military service.

An additional problem was created by Ante Rajković's injury after the match with OFK Beograd in the first round. Moreover, as Koševo stadium was being refurbished, Sarajevo FC had to play the first home matches on Grbavica. So weakened, in the first four rounds the team of Vukašin Višnjevac won only two points, having tied with OFK Beograd on Grbavica and with Olimpija in Ljubljana, and being defeated twice, the first time by Budućnost from Podgorica and the second time by Radnički from Niš.

Željezničar had an identical start. With two ties and two defeats it was placed at the bottom of the table and after four rounds, it was only Olimpija that had a worse position than the two teams from Sarajevo FC. That is why the duel between the two rivals drew more attention than usual.

Motivated by the return to their stadium of Koševo, and reinforced with Rajković who recovered from injury, Sarajevo FC imposed a furious pace and broke their rival's defence from the very start of the match. It was in the fourth minute when Janjuš's net was hit for the first time. A very good action of  Želimir Vidović and Srebrenko Repčić yielded a goal by Sarajevo FC's centre forward, Zlatko Dupovac, who made good use of a crossing pass of the right winger Repčić and headed the ball into the net to the great delight of fans on the stands. The celebration of the score was thwarted by the injury of Nijaz Ferhatović who, after a clash with Vlaški, had to leave the game already in the 10th minute, and was substituted by  Slobodan Lubura.  Although winning, Sarajevo FC continued to attack the visitors' goal. The scorer of the first goal, Dupovac, was the most deserving for the increased advantage in the 28the minute of the match. Having freed himself from his marker, he brilliantly passed the ball to Dragan Simić who hit Janjuš's net and scored 2:0, which was the outcome of the first part of the match.

As soon as the players returned from dressing room, supporters were able to see another goal. Radomir Savić followed closely the run of Nijaz Merdanović, reached the sixteen meter area in time and made a great use of the return ball increasing the lead to 3:0 and definitely resolving the issue of who would win. Only after Sarajevo FC had taken the 3:0 lead did Željezničar create its first and the only two opportunities to score, but both times goalie Fahrija Dautbegović made excellent saves keeping the net of Sarajevo FC safe. The punishment for the missed opportunities came soon from the other side. Sarajevo FC's attacker Dupovac takes advantage of a huge mistake of Karalić intercepting his ball intended for goalkeeper Janjuš, and then unselfishly  serves Simić who easily hits the empty goal and scores 4:0. Ten minutes later, a new eruption on Koševo and once again the unstoppable Dupovac  catches attention by one more assistance, the third one in the match, this time to the nineteen years old Nenad Vidaković who scores his first goal in what was his fourth appearance in bordeaux jersey, raising the lead to 5:0.

With one goal scored and three assistances, Dupovac made himself the best player of the match, while noteworthy play was offered also by Simić and Merdanović, thus helping Sarajevo FC gain a valuable win. These two points gave a morale boost to the players of Sarajevo FC, so that with the help of the recovered Sušić by the end of the season it managed to avoid being relegated from the Premier League. On the other hand, the city rival from Grbavica after this match fell to the last position on the table where it remained until the very end of the season and together with Napredak had to leave the company of best teams.


Date: 12.09.1976.
Spectators: 20.000
Referee: Marijan Rauš (Varaždin)

Sarajevo FC: Dautbegović, Vidović, Bošnjak (Vidaković), Pirić, Rajković, N. Ferhatović (Lubura), D. Simić, Savić, Dupovac, N. Merdanovi, Repčić. Trener: Vukašin Višnjevac.
Željezničar: Janjuš, D. Kojović, Omerhodžić, Janković (Karalić), Saračević, Dautović, S. Kojović, Vlaški, Đorđić, Odović, Zečević.Trener: Milan Ribar.

1:0 - Dupovac 4'
2:0 - Simić 28'
3:0 - Savić 46'
4:0 - Simić 64'
5:0 - Vidaković 75'