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Emir Hadžić: The team will not change much in the coming interim period

03.12.2018 at 19:00h

Emir Hadžić: The team will not change much in the coming interim period

On the function as coordinator of the sports segment of Sarajevo FC you are six months. What has been realized in the past period?

Since June this year, I have been a coordinator of the sports segment and a lot has been done and implemented in the previous period. When it comes to the first team, in agreement with the management of the club, we managed to realize one of the primary goals of the club, which is to include more players from the youth team in the first team. We will work on this in the next period, because the quality Academy we have is a segment that we are especially proud of as a club, which is shown by the fact that we have signed professional contracts with nine players from the academy.

Currently, from our club we have four standard young players, which also confirms the quality I am talking about.

When it comes to reinforcements, I think that we did a good job here, because we brought targeted players and we did not "crowded" players, just to get as many Academy players as possible, which has proven to be right now, both for young players and for the new players, who so far have shown that they have the quality to play for Sarajevo FC.

In addition, a few new people have joined the expert staff, which has proven to be a good move and, together with all the details, brought us the current results we have.

"Reinforcement", which we did not have until now on the team, is also the nutritionist Amela O'Reilly who joined our medical team. Amela will work with players on an educational and practical basis in the coming period to improve their physical fitness better in the ratio in which nutrition affects them. We consider nutrition as one of the important players in the development of players, and in this regard, we wanted to make a step forward in this direction.

Amar Rahmanović has an agreement until summer of next year and in some media there are signs that the contract will not be extended. Can you tell us more about it?

In the past two months, we made several meetings and made more conversations with Amar Rahmanovć with the aim and a wish to extend his contract with Sarajevo FC, especially since he played excellent in this semi-season and showed that he is one of the key players in the team.

 Sarajevo FC offered to Amar Rahmanović good conditions, but unfortunately we did not manage to agree and Amar decided not to sign a new contract and to be a free player in the summer.

Our goal is always to protect the interests of the club and to put them in front of the interests of each individual. Therefore, in the following period, we will ask for an adequate replacement for Rahmanović, who will play the next half-season instead of him.

If Amar finds the club in this winter interim period, he can go with an adequate swing to Sarajevo FC, which is stated in the existing contract.

I have to say that the negotiations with Amar Rahmanović were really in the correct tone and relations.

What are the plans for the coming transition period? Is the focus on team play or reinforcement?

As in the summer transition period, we will surely join some of the Academy players to the first team that we expect to impose and play in the second part of the season. As for the reinforcements, we will not change the team much, and in case of departure or sale of some players, we will bring new players only targeted to positions, and if a good player appears that could improve our game, we will certainly react.

Dževad Šarić is the new head of the youth team. Is the distribution of the job easier since he is here?

We believe that the arrival of Dževad as the head of the youth team is a quality contribution to the development of the Academy, which is especially evidenced by the fact that this is a quality expert with many years of experience abroad. With his arrival, the whole work on the improvement of the youth is considerably facilitated.

Juniors are currently following the fall of the form, they are fourth is on the table. Considering that last year they were champions, what do you think is the cause of some worse games at the moment?

The goal of the Academy is to make quality players for the first team, which is a result to date. The situation on the table does not worry us, because in the youth categories, the result should not be in the foreground, but precisely what I said, and that is to make quality players for the first team and for the European market. In the future, we intend to work to make enough high-quality players who will be able to play for the first team with 16 or 17 years, and not wait for the player to finish the junior experience in order to get a chance in the first team.

The data we are particularly proud of is that our Academy players got the most minutes (6699) in the Premier League for senior players.