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Lelić: As someone who was born in Sarajevo it was always my dream to be a player of the Maroon Club

03.02.2017 at 10:12h

Lelić: As someone who was born in Sarajevo it was always my dream to be a player of the Maroon Club

Twenty year old offensive player, Sanjin Lelić, came to FK Sarajevo in winter transfer period. This winger, born on 11th January 1997 in Sarajevo, started off in Bubamara, and one of his first coaches was Predrag Pašić, a legendary football player for FK Sarajevo.  After Bubamara, Lelic transferred to youth squad of Bayern, and then Munchen 1860, Ingolstadt, Dinamo in Zagreb, and after Olimpic finally arrived in FK Sarajevo. At the start of the interview, for our official page, we asked Sanjin why Sarajevo Football Club was his first choice.

Lelić: “I have had a few options as to where I could continue my career, I chose Sarajevo Football Club. The reason is quite simple. I am a fan of this club and I love this club. Being born in Sarajevo it was always my dream to be a player of the Maroon Club, and now my dream came true.”

It has almost been a month since Lelić signed a multiyear contract with the Maroon Club.

“So far my impressions are great. Everybody welcomed me. U can feel a sort of family atmosphere in the club, I feel like home.”

Amongst the team of Sarajevo there are players he knew from before.

Lelić: “I have played with Hebibović and Anđušić, also I knew Rustemović, and from youth national team I stayed in touch with Kadušić and Herić, and of course I met Husejinović in my time spent in Zagreb. Also I have known a few of the club employees through our national team, a few of them live near me so I have known them since childhood.”

Lelić commented on his impressions from first part of championship that took place in Čitluk.

“Čitluk was great, we had some quality trainings there. Focus was on our physical condition, and we continue in Antalya as manager Janjoš announced. I am satisfied with the matches against Velez and Brotnja. We can always do better, I am aware of that, and I hope that with time I will continue to improve my skills.”

With the rest of the Maroon collective Lelić travelled to Antalya where Sarajevo will carry out the second part of this season’s preparation.

Lelić: “Conditions here are great. Everything is on a high level. Good quality hotel and really good football fields. Trainings are intense but we do our best.”

Our young first team player is convinced that these preparations and hard work is going to be useful in the rest of the championship.

Lelić: “We have to be strong in this part of the championship. Every match matters from Vitez, Olimpic to any subsequent. I hope we will achieve great results. This club deserves the best, which is the reason we are here. We have to show our quality on the field.”

Besides football Lelić is interested in another sport.

“If I had to choose another sport to watch besides football it would be skiing, I love to watch it.”

We asked our player what does he do in his free time and who does he spend most time with.

Lelić: “It is quite simple. I rest in my room, listen to music, and most of my free time I spend with Nermin Crnkić.”

This young player had a few brilliant moments in his career and he shared his favorite one.

Lelić: “I played in Koševo for our national team and scored a goal against Croatia, favorite moment of my career. We qualified than and I am glad that I could contribute.”

In the last half season, playing for Olimpic, Lelić scored three goals and had several assists, proving his great potential.

Lelić:” Premier League is demanding. Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina is not something you should underestimate. It is not easy to play there. I am glad I played good last fall and hope I can continue to do the same for Sarajevo.”

At the end of the interview Lelić confessed that he always supported Sarajevo on the grandstands in Koševo, and that he is very enthusiastic about his first derby for the Maroon Club.

Lelić: “Usually, when I am in the field I cannot hear the fans, I am just focused on the game. But, when I played for Olimpic against Sarajevo in Koševo my heart was pounding. The support Sarajevo has from fans is amazing. It will be hard to describe my joy when I get the chance to play for Sarajevo in Koševo. I will always give my maximum for my club, for FK Sarajevo.”