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Nihad Mujakić: The team has a family atmosphere, we are all friends

10.10.2018 at 11:10h

Nihad Mujakić: The team has a family atmosphere, we are all friends

Mujakić made his first football moves at the School of Football Asim Ferhatović Hase. After that followed the Academy of Sarajevo FC then he become a member of the first team. With good games, Nihad secured a place in the first eleven, and his quality was recognized by selector Vinko Marinović, followed by a call for the U21 national team. In a talk for the club's website, Nihad answered a few questions.

Are you satisfied with the current Sarajevo FC placement within the Premier League of B&H?

Considering that we are the first in the table, I must say that the entire team and the expert staff are satisfied. I am happy that we have started well from the very beginning. Of course, there was a game that we could win, and we did not, but there were also those that we could lose, but we did not. I am sure the result will not be absent, if we continue to work as before.

Do you like the game so far in the maroon jersey?

The best match in the maroon jersey is the match with Banants on Koševo on July 19. In that match, we achieved a second round, and I scored the first goal in the senior team before in front of full Koševo stadium. Great games come with great expectations, and for this reason, I am particularly happy that I had a successful performance on my first European match.

In the previous period, the schedule was tougher than usual, since the Cup competition began. How do you comment on the results achieved?

I cannot say that two games a week do not create a hard schedule and conditions for the game, but luckily, we have a broad roster of players, which is greatly appreciated by the players from the Academy, who have shown themselves capable of answering the senior rhythm. As a result, the head of the expert staff always has the ability to restrain one of us without playing and the result eventually endures. Considering that we managed to win five victories within the Premier League of B&H despite the difficult schedule, and made a pass in the quarterfinals of the Cup of B&H, I think the team proved to be well.

How did you feel when you received a call for representation?

The invitation for representation is special. I consider it a great indicator that the effort invested in training and games is always worth the effort. When you choose among so many good and talented peers, you realize that someone sees your effort, your waivers ... The call for representation is a great incentive to continue to do your best.

What do you do in your free time?

I have really a bit of free time. Even when we do not have matches, there are trainings and other club obligations. I try not to neglect my friends, so I often spend time with them or among the family. Besides, I like to play a lot of billiards or carting.

With whom of the players do you best agree outside the court?

I have to say that the atmosphere in the team is such that we are simply all friends. I think this is one of the links that contributed to the good results that we currently have. With Pidro I am a friend from the Academy, so if I really need to chose, I would choose him.

What would you tell to the Academy playerrs? Is the effort and commitment paid?

The most important thing is that you love what you are doing and enjoy at any time. There will be days when things are not as you want, but you must not give up. Every training needs to be taken seriously and get the maximum out of it. It is important that you lead a sports life, constantly investing in yourself, and with that attitude, the results will not be missed.

From whom did you learn most from football when playing football?

It is a very difficult question because I think I have learned something from every coach and teammate. In Sarajevo, I have learned a lot from 2011 and during that time. The older players always try to give us advice to the young, but also criticize us. Every progress of the individual positively reflects on the entire team.

For which European club would you like to play in the future?

It is definitely Milan. When I was a kid, I followed them and wish to one day run to San Siro. Rich club history, good players, and generally good conditions for football in Italy. All this together, is something that you can hardly remain indifferent.

Is there a particular player that is particularly pleased to you?

My favorite player is Paolo Maldini. We play in the same position, and Paolo was a fighter and player with a heart. I feel that his attitude towards the club for respect and example to others.