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Rahmanović: I am glad the fans recognized our efforts and dedication

11.10.2018 at 14:48h

Rahmanović: I am glad the fans recognized our efforts and dedication

With a total of 45 appearances and 10 goals scored, Amar Rahmanović is one of the regular first-team players of Sarajevo FC. He arrived at Koševo in June last year, and he has left a good impression on his previous performances. In a conversation for the Sarajevo FC’a website, Amar answered a few questions.

Considering that you started playing a career in Sloboda, how do you feel when you are playing against them today in a maroon jersey? What are the expectations of the match of the 14. round of the Premier League of B&H?

Yes, at seven years I made the first football moves in Sloboda FC and for the first time I played against the Tuzla team in the 3. round of the Premier League of B&H at Tušanj. I would have lied to say that the emotions were not mixed, but in every game, I do my best, especially in the maroon jersey, which is my big motive. I believe that this is seen in the field and that fans can recognize it. Therefore, it will be in the next round when Sloboda comes to Koševo. I will do my best to win, so that we can continue the positive series.

For some time you spent time in the Serbian Super League. How much did that experience help you?

Yes, I played in Serbia 5 or 6 years ago. Then the league was awesome. Mitrović, Marković, Lazović, Milivojević... These are all players who play today in European clubs. The very fact that Red Star is now playing the UEFA Champions League speaks a lot about the strength and quality of that league, and every experience builds a man, so it helped me to play on the level I play today.

What is necessary to improve in terms of football in B&H?

We will have difficult games, not because of the opponents, but because of the field. If you play on a bad pitch, all tactics and playouts fall into the water. It is simply impossible to realize it deliberately. I think that the solution to this problem will lead to a football game that is better and faster, but also to minimize the risk of injury that is very important. Therefore, infrastructure is one of the most important segments that needs to be improved in B&H. Last season we repeatedly pointed out that we have problems with bad field and that we will be better when the weather is better and our current position is the best indicator that Sarajevo really plays nice football. I hope that good weather condition will help our team by the beginning of December, until the autumn part is in order for our game to come to the fore.

You entered 45 appearances for Sarajevo FC and scored 10 goals. Are you satisfied with the form?

Uh, is there 45 games? Well, I am happy with the current form, but, of course, there is always place for improvement. I am trying to learn from my mistakes, and as for the number of goals scored, I would not comment on it. Each of my goals would be changed to win the team, because football is a team sport and the most important thing is that the team wins. Of course, if my goal is decided by no one happier than I am, the score should not be missed.

Best match in the maroon jersey?

My first match at the Sarajevo team was in Europe against Zaria FC, and that is really something I will remember. I really enjoyed playing, and in the end, I also enlisted the assistance.

Every player in his career passes through difficult moments. How did you overcome your bad days?

Like every player, I had difficulties. It is difficult, if you are trying, to do your best in training and games, you are aware of the waivers you make, and you simply do not see progress. I think that every athlete is facing it. I think that the most important thing here is to continue working, investing in oneself and staying strong mentally. I believed in myself and worked even more when it went bad and today I am happy and satisfied as a man and a player.

The favorite teammate?

I really do not know who I would choose. I am very happy and proud when I see that we are in the dressing room and outside, all friends. The common goal has brought us together, we have left our differences aside, and so we have come together.

Many say that it is difficult to play for Sarajevo FC because of the high expectations and constant pressure of the fans?

This is normal; Sarajevo is a great club that has always been good in history. Legends of Yugoslavia were wearing a maroon jersey and it is logical that the expectations of the fans are great. Someone can, and someone just cannot handle it. I try to always give my maximum, which is sometimes enough and sometimes not, but it always has the next game. The fans have great expectations, but we also have bigger ones.

The player you value and why?

Definitely Luka Modrić. He is proof that by continuous work, effort and dedication everything can be achieved.