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Sanjin Alagić: The future is in our children

30.05.2018 at 10:04h

Sanjin Alagić: The future is in our children

Youth selection of the Sarajevo Football Club Academy ended the season as first placed team in their age categories. Juniors, cadets and pioneers of Maroon Club ended the 2017/18 season with a trophy. How, actually, this success happened, will tell us the Head of the Sarajevo Football Club Academy, Sanjin Alagić.

"Behind us is a very big success, which was created thanks to the dedicated and quality work in our Academy. Very good selections of players that work well on the trainings were done and when we combine it with the top conditions for the work the result must be showed. All our selections won trophies, and in addition, we managed to promote several young players in the first team of our club. Alen Mustafić, Halid Šabanović and Nihad Mujakić had a notable score in the past few months and showed that the boys from our Academy can respond to the demands of the first team”, Alagić said, adding:

"In addition, in the winter period we have agreed to transfer four of our young players, who got the chance for foreign engagement and when we look at everything, I think that the season for us was very successful. We have young players in the first team, that is, statistically, the second club in the Premier League of B&H in the number of minutes for young players. We have achieved certain transfers, and we ended the season as the first place in all categories. I take the opportunity to thank the entire collective of the Academy, to coaches, official representatives, physiotherapists, chefs, drivers, video analysts, everyone who  supported club and, of course, the professional staff of the first team, who recognized our young talents and showed them confidence. A lot of work was done- a job that is not visible and everyone had their contribution to our results and development of our boys."

The Academy of the Maroon Club in the past season gave the highest number of youth representatives. "It's a positive thing that our boys are more and more present in the youth teams of Bosnia and Herzegovina." Our cadet team played the European Championship three times in a row and our boys are the backbone of the team. Their quality, our Academy, work in the club ... It is certain that our boys are in the plans for the future and for older representative selections and I am glad that we have in all the national teams U-15, U-16, U-17, U- 18, U-19 and U-21, a large number of players contributing to the creation of excellent results," Alagić said.

Thanks to the won of championship title, juniors of the Academy of Sarajevo Football Club will perform as bosnian representative in the UEFA Youth Champions League - "After the end of the season, our junior expects a very high quality tournament on Zlatibor, then participation in the CEE Cup tournament in the Czech Republic. We will continue with our practice when it comes to foreign tournaments, where we gain additional experience and leave a very positive impression. In accordance with our capabilities, we plan preparations for the UEFA Youth League Champions and the right to participate have our high-quality generations 2000, 2001, and five footballers of 1999. The expectations are certainly high, we hope for a positive result and good matches. With a favorable draw, we can make a step forward."

At the end of the conversation, Alagić emphasized his belief that the future of our club is precisely in footballers coming from youth categories.

"There are many talents in our Academy, we analyze and talk, and we are working on extending contracts with talented boys and signing contracts with those who have confirmed their talent in this season no matter how young they are. Our children are the future of this club in the upcoming period we will continue in this direction of the promotion of young footballers. We have also made additional scouting and selection of all youth leagues in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and we already have in the plan of new boys to join the Academy and additional selection to strengthen," concluded Alagić.