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Turkish Airlines and Sarajevo FC officially signed the contract. Maroon Club has a new general sponsor!

24.02.2015 at 12:22h

Turkish Airlines and Sarajevo FC officially signed the contract. Maroon Club has a new general sponsor!

On 24 February 2015, in Hotel Bristol in Sarajevo, a press conference was held to officially announce the cooperation between Sarajevo Football Club and Turkey's largest airline, Turkish Airlines.
By establishing cooperation with this renowned airline, Sarajevo Football Club got a new general sponsor, whose logo will adorn the jerseys of the Maroon Club’s first team. Also, by signing of the contract, Sarajevo Football Club joined the family of business partners of Turkish Airlines, the company that owns more than 250 aircrafts, flying to over 240 destinations.

Dino Selimović, General Manager of Sarajevo FC, expressed his great pleasure in regard to the signing of the contract with Turkish Airlines Company.

“It is my great honor and pleasure to speak first on behalf of Sarajevo FC during a historical press conference in a time when national companies are not in position to help sports" said Selimović, and added:
"Until recently Sarajevo FC had some serious financial problems, which threatened to close us but we have, with great amount of will, love and great energy, managed to turn around the situation in the Club in the last four years. I would like to use this opportunity to thank the local team of Turkish Airlines, which sent our proposal to their central office in Istanbul. I'm endlessly happy and proud of all the people who participated in this project, on which we worked for more than two months. I express my gratitude to Turkish Airlines and assure them that they will be satisfied with this cooperation" added Selimović.

President of the Board of Directors of the Sarajevo FC, Edis Kusturica, pointed out that cooperation with a global brand, such as Turkish Airlines, is a great honor for Sarajevo FC.

"This is one of the most important moments in the history of Sarajevo and we are all proud. Beside the fact that it is the sport event, it is also a business event helping us to send a message that BiH isn’t a black hole. Working good, having good ideas and honest intentions, we can also find good partners outside of our country”, said Kusturica at the beginning of his speech and added:

“Turkish Airlines is a large company and now we have an obligation towards them. It is known that the company is working with the best and if so, then we are really proud. We are at the beginning of an exciting journey and I am sure that it will last for many years. We in Sarajevo have set ourselves big goals for the future, which we want to achieve and for what we need help of big partners like this one. I sincerely hope that this is a signal and a message to other companies to become members of the Maroon family, and above all, they should be encouraged to invest in Bosnia and Herzegovina. I want to thank all the people who worked hard to realize this project and this contract”, said Kusturica.

Ahmet Salih Kansu, Director of Turkish company for Bosnia and Herzegovina also addressed the present.

“I am happy because we signed the contract. I am particularly glad that we did it with a Club from the Balkans because we have strong historical connections with this region”, said Ahmet Salih Kansu, Director of Turkish Airlines for BiH, and added:

“We are one of the first companies that launched flights to Sarajevo. Currently in the winter period, we have 14 flights to Sarajevo, and in the summer period this number increases to 18. Our company gives great attention to the sport. As far as the Balkan countries are concerned, we know that they have big and rich sports history. We are confident that we will continue with such projects and we expect to bring Sarajevo the best of luck in national and European competitions”.

Ziya Taskent, Senior Vice-President of Marketing and Sales for the region addressed at the end.

"Because of our historical, cultural and economic ties, Sarajevo is more than just a destination. On the other hand, football is much more than just a sport. We all know that football is the thing which unites all people in the world no matter what. Today we are at the place where the two world brands will sign their cooperation in front of you. We have sponsorship agreements with clubs such as Barcelona, Manchester United, Borussia Dortmund ... " said Taskent and added:

"I especially want to thank all the representatives of Sarajevo and Turkish Airlines who participated in this and who enabled this contract to be signed. I hope that this agreement will improve the relations between the two countries and promote peace. Of course, it will also be useful in strengthening the relations between the two brands".

Visit the web page of Turkish Airlines and inform yourself about the superior and diverse offers provided by the new general sponsor of Sarajevo Football Club

Certainly, it is worth to say that Sarajevo first team will for the first time play in jerseys with the well known logo of our general sponsor Turkish Airlines within the Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina Matchday 16, when the Maroon Club opens the spring part of the championship as a guest team in the match against Zvijezda from Gradačac.