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Match preview: NK Široki Brijeg - FK Sarajevo

03.12.2015 at 13:18h

Match preview: NK Široki Brijeg - FK Sarajevo

In the final, i.e. Matchday 18 of the first part of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina 2015/16, FK Sarajevo will play against Široki Brijeg as a guest team. The match at the “Pecera” stadium will take place on Sunday 6 December 2015 at 13:00 hrs and it will be broadcasted live on MOJA TV.

The match host, team from Široki Brijeg is currently on the fourth place of the league table with 33 points after 17 matches, i.e. one point less than our Sarajevo, with 9 victories, 6 draws and 2 defeats. In this season, the team from Široki Brijeg has shown good game at their stadium where they achieved 5 victories and 3 draws in this season up to now. They were defeated two times as a guest team and the players of Sarajevo first defeated the team from Široki Brijeg in this season in the third Matchday with the result 2:1. The goals were scored by Benko and Stojčev.

The best individual player of Široki Brijeg during this season was a thirty-seven-year-old Brasilian Wagner Santos Lago who is also the second best scorer of the league with ten scored goals, just a goal less than our Leon Benko. It is also worth to mention the young striker Luka Menalo, who scored for four times and the latest new player of Široki Brijeg, Ivan Krstanović, who scored three goals in seven matches. It is certain that these three strikers of the home team will be a great threat for the goal of Sarajevo during the derby match of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina Matchday 18 which is scheduled for Sunday.

FK Sarajevo is awaiting the match in Široki Brijeg in excellent form. The players chosen by Miodrag Ješić have in total five consecutive victories with the goal difference of 14:3. Our players defeated Travnik in the last Matchday as a home team with the result 4:0, an the optimism prior to the match in Herzegovina is additionally contributed by good health status considering that all players have recovered and are fit for the line-up, except for Delač and Kadušić, who will most probably miss the match on Sunday.

After analysis of the statistics of the past matches, it seems that Sarajevo will also play against the trend on Sunday. Our Club didn’t win at the “Pecera” since the season 2004/05, when the last victory happened. As a reminder, Sarajevo then celebrated a minimal victory with the result 1:0, achieved by the goal of our legendary striker Emir Obuća. Up to now, Sarajevo and Široki Brijeg played 36 matches in total and our Club achieved 12 victories, 7 matches ended with a draw, while Široki Brijeg made 17 victories. Our former brilliant goalkeeper Muhamed Alaim played the most number of times against Široki Brijeg, he defended our goal from the mentioned club for 16 times in total and Alen Škoro was the most effective striker against the club from Herzegovina with four scored goals.

Let’s also mention that the main referee of the match will be Dragan Skakić, and his assistants Sreten Udovičić, Igor Radaković, Amer Macić, Zoran Grbić and Emir Spahalić.

EXPECTATIONS: FK Sarajevo Chief of Coaching Staff Miodrag Ješić, stated before the match that he expects a good show presented by the players in the maroon jerseys.

“We want again to show a devoted and ardent show and to accomplish a good result through a good game and in this way make our supporters happy at the end of this season”, said Ješić.

WEATHER: The match participants are going to have good weather. According to the forecast, we should expect warm and sunny weather with the maximum air temperature of 14o C.