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A striking victory against Vitez for the end of the half-season

10.12.2017 at 17:25h

A striking victory against Vitez for the end of the half-season

In the last official match in 2017, Sarajevo Football Club defeat Vitez on away match. Today's match ended with the victory of the Maroon Club 3-0, and goals for the victory of Sarajevo were scored by Mersudin Ahmetović (2) and Almir Bekić.

The match in Vitez was delayed 60 minutes, and instead of the original time (13h), started at 14 o'clock because of preparing the field for the match. The extremely cold weather, City stadium's grassy field and motivated hosts were not an obstacle for the elected of Husref Musemić, who played a good game and celebrated the win, which took them to the third place in the table.

The sixth minute was played when Mersudin Ahmetović gave Sarajevo the advantage after a great break from Amar Rahmanović and the return ball in the middle. Previously, Ahmetović missed a very good chance to bring Sarajevo's lead after adding the ball to Hebibović in the second minute. Even after the goal was scored, Sarajevo had a better team, but the conditions for the game were not satisfactory, which made the game more difficult. However, shortly after the first goal, the Maroon Club scored a new goal. After a free kick, Sarić's ball reached Almir Bekić, and left back hit the net of Vitez with a very nice shot. By the end of the first half, Ahmetović had another good chance, and Adukor tried to make a corner, but there was no change.

The second half brought a quieter game, which was mostly played in the middle of the field. Sarajevo's players kept the ball in their possession, and in the 76. minute the final score was set. Hebibović added ball to Ahmetović, who made enough space and scored his total thirteen goals this autumn. By the end of the meeting, there were no changes. Sarajevo recorded yet another convincing victory, and our club took the first part of the season in a very good way.

NK Vitez 0:3 FK Sarajevo

City stadium in Vitez, specatatores: 350, head referee: Dragan Petrović (Banja Luka), yellow cards: Peko, Šantić, Tipurić (NK Vitez), scorers: Ahmetović 5’, 76’, Bekić 16’ (FK Sarajevo).

NK Vitez: Badrov, Stanić, Brekalo, Tipurić, Livaja, Zukić (72. minute Vranjić), Karić, Šantić, Novak, Peko (58. minute Đerić), Vuković (64. minute Mamić). Coach: Branko Karačić.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Stanojević (80. minute Ivetić), Sarić, Ahmetović, Rahmanović (77. minute Radovac), Velkoski (83. minute Herić), Hebibović, Mujakić, Bekić, Adukor. Coach: Husref Musemić.