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Ahmetović and Velkoski scored for victory in Gabela

05.11.2017 at 17:31h

Ahmetović and Velkoski scored for victory in Gabela

 First-team players of Sarajevo have made an important victory today. Visiting Gabela, our players celebrated victory with a score of 2: 0. Although the field was extremely difficult to play, it was not a problem for Husref Musemić's chosen-ones, who have come up with three new points.

However, GOŠK threatened first. The home team over Ereiz hit the Sarajevo’s net, but his goal was canceled due to the position of the player. After a few minutes, the Maroon team came to the lead. Elvis Sarić threw to the ball in the middle, and Mersudin Ahmetović was in the right place and scored. The home team worked their way through when in the 13 minutes of the game, but Luka Anković's free kick  was unsuccessful. In 15. minute, Almir Bekić shook the home crowd but Dodig blocked his shot.  Kozić defended a precise but weak shot at 19. minute.

Then came the period of the game that belonged to the GOŠK, but even though the home team had a mild field initiative, they created only one chance, after a bad intervention by the defense of Sarajevo. Sarajevo again took the initiative. In the 29. minute after Hožić's move on the ground, Ahmetović was in a very similar position when he hit the GOŠK net and missed the ball. Then in the 32. minute, the attacker of Sarajevo did not reach the ball before goalkeeper Kozić after excellent contribution of Velkoski. By the end of the first half, the home team tried to surprise Pavlović after the action on the right, but directly from the difficult position shot Ereiz, but his shot was stopped by the cautious Pavlović.

Even after ten minutes of the game, the question was still solved by the winner. It was played 57. minute when Ahmetović was first blocked after adding the ball to Hebibović, and then Hebibović hit the ball with two or three meters ball overgoal. However, it was earlier signaled that the game was interrupted because one host player lay on the grass, so he probably missed a goal or scored the ball off the edge of the court.

What the Maroon team did not handle in this situation was 71. minute when the GOŠK’s net was crashed by Krste Velkoski. Macedonian started the action, added the ball to Adukor, he played a double pass with Sarić and then added to Ahmetović, and the attacker of Maroon team made a job for Velkoski scored. He struck Kozić for the safe lead of Sarajevo with a brilliant score. The game was completely resolved and the Maroon team was able to draw the match far more peacefully by the end of the match, and there was no change in the result. In the next round, our Sarajevo will host Mladost on Koševo.

NK GOŠK 0:2 FK Sarajevo

Stadium “Perica Pero Pavlović” in Gabela, spectators: 1.000, head referee: Zoran Grbić (Prijedor), yellow cards: Odak (NK GOŠK), Hodžić, Hebibović (FK Sarajevo), scorers: Ahmetović 9’, Velkoski 71’ (FK Sarajevo).

NK GOŠK: Kozić, Radeljić (70. minute Dalmatin), Ereiz, Odak, Anković, Mišić, Raguž, Zolj, Dodig (46. minute Sušić), Vego (58. minute Brajković), Kobiljar. Coach: Slaven Musa.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Stanojević (79. minute Husejinović), Novaković, Sarić, Ahmetović, Velkoski, Hebibović (70. minute Radovac), Mihojević, Bekić (83. minute Ivetić), Adukor. Coach: Husref Musemić.