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An impressive victory for Sarajevo in Tuzla against Sloboda

14.10.2017 at 20:59h

An impressive victory for Sarajevo in Tuzla against Sloboda

Footballers of Sarajevo achieved victory at today's match of the 11th round of BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The chosen ones of Husref Musemić won Sloboda in Tuzla 3: 1. Ahmetović (2) and Velkoski have achieved the goals for the victory of Sarajevo.

The game started with the engagement of both teams, and in the 8. minute, the first excitement happened. Mehmedagić hit Radovac with his leg in the area of Radovac’s face. Mehmedagić received a direct red card, and Radovac had to leave the field due to injury. From the first blow, Sarajevo came to the lead. Hebibović was in charge of Velkoski, who scored with a precise shot in the first goal of the match. Sarajevo started being  playful. Then Hebibović found Velkoski, who sends the ball out of a great position.

At the beginning of the second half, Ordagić made a shot, Adukor blocked it, and a few minutes after a new goal for Sarajevo happened. Bekić put in a great shot, and Ahmetović knocked the ball into the goal. A few minutes later, Sarić found Ahmetović in the penalty area, which surely hit. Shortly thereafter, Ignjatović scored a comforting goal for Sloboda after the corner.

By the end of the match, Sarajevo threatened through Hebibović twice, and through Hadžić, but there was no change in the results. The players of our club in the next round will be visiting Zrinjski in Mostar.

FK Sloboda 1: 3 FK Sarajevo

City stadium "Tušanj" in Tuzla, spectators: 3.000, referee: Vladimir Bjelica, yellow cards: Jahić, Krpić (Sloboda), Bekić, Kuzmanović, Hadžić (Sarajevo), red cards: Mehmedagić (Sloboda), scorers: Velkoski 19 ' Ahmetović 61 '67' (Sarajevo), Ignjatović 74 '(Sloboda).

FK Sloboda: Muminović, Salihović, Krpić, Ordagić, Grahovac (79. minute Đorđilović), Lazevski, Mehmedagić, Jahić (14. minute Salkić), Smajić (65. minute Ziljkić), Hairlahović, Ignjatović. Coach: Slavko Petrović.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Stanojević, Novaković, Sarić, Ahmetović ( 88. minute Hadžić), Velkoski (86. minute Herić), Hebibović, Radovac (10. minute Kuzmanović), Bekić, Adukor. Coach: Husref Musemić.