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Assistant coach Džakmić passed medical tests, dizziness and brain concussion after head strike

12.11.2018 at 09:00h

Assistant coach Džakmić passed medical tests, dizziness and brain concussion after head strike

After the incident that happened during the match HŠK Zrinjski and Sarajevo FC on November 10, 2018. in Mostar, during which the assistant coach of the maroon team, Muhamed Džakmić, was hit with a stone in the head, while the coordinator of the sports segment, Emir Hadžić, was hit by the bottled, Džakmić was hospitalized and passed medical examinations.

In the midst of dizziness and vomiting, and the loss of consciousness after the stroke, it was concluded that Džakmić experienced a brain concussion. On the day after the game, head and brain CT were made at the Clinical Center of the University of Sarajevo, and a neurosurgeon examined. The results were good. Džakmić received injections and sick leave for at least ten days.

"An injury caused by a hard object in the head area, parietally left, resulting in a lacerocontneous wound. Shortly losing consciousness, he threw up the previous night twice. Wound seamed with four seams in KBC Mostar. Day after he feels dizziness and obstinacy. Additional KCUS diagnostics of head and brain CT’s without bleeding symptoms has been performed. Reviewed by a neurosurgeon, received injection and an antibiotic. Given detailed instructions for further treatment.  Sick leave at least ten days, control of the neurosurgeon "- said about this case the doctor for physical medicine and rehabilitation, Dževad Vrabac.

Sarajevo FC wishes to coach Džakmić a quick recovery and a quick return to the team.

As previously announced, Sarajevo FC will initiate criminal and civil proceedings against the responsible legal and physical persons responsible for causing injury to coach Džakmić, about which the public will be informed in a timely manner.


1. FK Sarajevo 17 6 4 55:19 57
2. HŠK Zrinjski 16 5 6 36:18 53
3. NK Široki Brijeg 10 13 4 28:19 43
4. FK Željezničar 11 6 10 35:29 39
5. FK Sloboda 10 7 10 21:22 37
6. FK Radnik 8 12 7 21:21 36
7. NK Čelik 9 9 9 26:37 36
8. FK Mladost DK 9 6 12 28:37 33
9. FK Tuzla City 7 9 11 26:32 30
10. FK Zvijezda-09 6 10 11 24:37 28
11. NK GOŠK 5 8 14 21:40 23
12. FK Krupa 4 9 14 29:42 21