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Brotnjo FC 0:4 Sarajevo FC

09.09.2014 at 18:15h

Brotnjo FC 0:4 Sarajevo FC


The footballers of Sarajevo used a break in the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina to play a training match.  The opponent of the players selected by Dženan Uščuplić was Brotnjo from Čitluk and the final result of the match today was 4:0 in favour of the Maroon Club.

Sarajevo started the match in the following line-up:Plakalo, Barić, Protić, Mitrevski, Berberović, Kallasi, Kouadio, Kostić, Handžić, Okić, Bekić

In the first part of the match there were no goals and we have seen two chances for Bekić and chances for Okić and Handžić.  Although there were no goals scored, the first half was quite dynamic and our players made a good impression.

The second part of the match Sarajevo started in the following line-up:Plakalo, Berberović, Puzigaća, Dupovac, Tatomirović, Kovačević, Kostić, Stojčev, Purić, Todorović and Bilbija.

After ten minutes of the second half of the match, the first goal was scored. Bilbija passed the ball to Todorović who then scored a goal. Not long after, Bilbija reacted well to a rejected ball and scored a goal to increase the lead.

In the 67th minute of the match, Todorović made a pass to Purić who then scored a new goal and the last scorer in the match today was Bojan Puzigaća in the 87th minute of the match.

The players of Sarajevo played well, created few more good chances and with their good performance today announced the league match against Čelik, which is scheduled for Saturday at 19:00 hrs.