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07.05.2014 at 23:48h



In the first match of the finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sarajevo made a well deserved victory against Čelik with a 2:0 result. The scorers for this victory of the maroon club were Vule Trivunović and Miloš Stojčev.

The beginning of the match did not bring any significant excitement. Our players had the first chance of the match. Stojčev made a nice pass to Bilbija, but our striker kicked the ball over the goal. The game was taking place mainly in between two penalty areas and our team had the initiative.

In the 38th minute of the game, Čelik threatened for the first time. Fortunately, Barać did not react well on the deep pass from Mašanović .

Five minutes later, Sarajevo took the lead. Bilbija made a superb centre shot and found Dupovac in the penalty area who made a good headshot but Adilović defended his shot, but Trivunović run into the rejected ball and then scored for the lead of the maroon club.

The beginning of the second part of the match brought the initiative of Čelik, which didn’t result in any threats for the goal of Bandović. A rather disputable situation happened at the 64th minute of the match. After a shot of Stojčev, the rejected ball went to Bilbija, who, truth to be told, scored a goal from the offside but the whistle of the referee remained silent. However, after a three-minute consultation with his assistants, the main referee of the match, Ognjen Valjić, annulled the goal of Sarajevo FC.

At the very finish of the match, few interesting things happened. In the 87th minute, the second goal of Sarajevo was also annulled. Tatomirović came in from the right side, made a sharp pass into the penalty area and Velkoski sent the ball to the net of Adilović. Valjić signalled offside again so there was no change of the result.

The final result of the game was set in the third minute of the stoppage time. After Velkoski’s superb pass, Stojčev went in front of Adilović, passed him and scored the second goal of the match.

With their great performance and well deserved victory, Sarajevo made an excellent proposition before the return match of the finals of the Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina scheduled for Saturday 17 May at 17:00 hrs at the "Asim Ferhatović-Hase" Olympic stadium.

At the press conference held after the match at Bilino Polje stadium, the coach of the Sarajevo FC, Dženan Uščuplić, stated:

"My congratulations for Čelik and Zenica, for a fair and correct reception and a fair and correct match.  After the derby against Željezničar, I think we played quite maturely, which reflected the final result. The team responded to all my requests and I congratulate them for that. In the return match, we can’t count on Ivan Tatomirović but all other players will be ready. I expect a full stadium at the return match." said Uščuplić.

Čelik FC 0:2 Sarajevo FC

Stadium "Bilino Polje", spectators: 7,000 referee: Ognjen Valjić (Banja Luka). Scorers: Trivunović, Stojčev. Yellow cards: Čović, Dedić, Bureković, Duvnjak, Jusić, Mešanović (Čelik), Bilbija, Tatomirović, Velkoski, Vusljanin (Sarajevo).

Čelik FC: Adilović, Lakičević, Čović, Bajraktarević, Jusić, Simić, Bureković (from 68th minute Duvnjak), Dedić, Barać, Mišić, Mešanović

Sarajevo FC: Bandović, Dupovac, Trivunović, Tatomirović, Puzigaća, Jajalo, Velkoski, Purić (from 84th minute Vusljanin), Cimirot (from 90th minute Kovačević), Stojčev, Bilbija (from 74th minute Todorović).