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Convincing victory of Sarajevo against Borac

02.12.2017 at 16:13h

Convincing victory of Sarajevo against Borac

Footballers of Sarajevo have mastered Borac on Koševo. An excellent match of Husref Musemić’s the selected ones, finished with a 3-0 victory and two goals in the match were scored by Anel Hebibović, while Joachim Adukor scored one goal.

Club administration, together with volunteers and the Center for Sport and Recreation, made great efforts to play without problems today, and the field stadium was adequately prepared for the match. Already in the second minute, our team led. Almir Bekić sent a long ball, found Hebibović, who brought Sarajevo into a lead with a precise shot.

In 11. minute the guests had one of their best chances throughout the match, but young Nihad Mujakić, who was a starter today in Sarajevo, reacted greatly in a match with Mahir Karić and slid the ball that if would go to the goal of Sarajevo, would resulted in a goal. The Maroon team made several very dangerous actions, but most of them ended with center-shots in the middle, which could not bear fruit, given that Sarajevo could not count on Mersudin Ahmetović in this game.

So most of the balls that came in, ended in corners for Sarajevo, and although Borac solidly defended after them, in the 29. minute the defense was over. Saša Novaković sent the ball to Joachim Adukor, who scored his very first goal. It is a fact that this goal made game a little bit easier for Sarajevo, and the Maroon team was a better than Borac, which anyway failed to score from a few striking attacks. On the other hand, in the 37. minute Mahir Karić was in front of Sarajevo, but failed to get the ball and the chance for Banjaluka guys went into the back.

The half time ended with a score of 2: 0, and already at the opening of the second half, the snow completely covered the field of Koševo Stadium. The game had been on for 80 minutes when Amar Rahmanović broke through on the right, but Nemanja Trkulja saved the ball. In 85. minute, once it became clear that Borac would not be able to return to the match Sarajevo had another good chance and Bekić had a nice action after a nice deal with Herić. By the end of the match, Banjaluka guys missed a good chance before Hebibović scored a very nice 3-0 goal in the third minute of additional time.

Sarajevo after this triumph has 32 points and in the next round, our club is visiting Vitez.

FK Sarajevo 3:0 FK Borac Banja Luka

Olimpic stadium"Asim Ferhatović-Hase", spectators: 1.000, referee: Emir Spahalić (Mostar), yellow cards: Kondić, Radulović, Janičić, Danilović (FK Borac), scorers: Hebibović 2', 90+2', Adukor 29' (FK Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Novaković, Rahmanović (85. minute Herić), Velkoski, Hebibović, Radovac (78. minute Ivetić), Mujakić, Bekić, Adukor, Husejinović (53. minute Kuzmanović). Head coach: Husref Musemić.

FK Borac: Trkulja, Galešić (60. minute Čudić), Ojdanić, Radulović, Karić (76. minute Kunić), Danilović, Janičić, Kondić, Veselinović, Guberac (46. minute Puzigaća), Zekanović. Head coach: Igor Janković.