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CSC Zrinjski 0:2 SARAJEVO FC

22.02.2014 at 18:23h

CSC Zrinjski 0:2 SARAJEVO FC

Today, in the last test before the start of the spring part of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina, players of Sarajevo won the match in Mostar playing against Zrinjski and scored 2:0. Ognjen Todorović was the goalgetter at this match.

In the tenth minute of the match, Zrinjski made the first attack, but when Delač defended the attempt of the Zrinjski player, the ball bounced to Crnov who kicked over the Sarajevo goal. In the 20th minute, Bilbija attempted to score, but the Zrinjski goalkeeper defended with confidence.

Sarajevo players played on the poor and muddy terrain with a terrain initiative, and during the first 45 minutes, Stojčev and Bilbija kicked, but Dujković managed to save the goal of the Mostar team.

Expert staff of Sarajevo made a change at the beginning of the second part of the match replacing Matej Delač with Dejan Bandović.

Finally, Sarajevo advanced in the 50th minute. Todorović kicked the ball from the left penalty area and scored the leading point for the Koševo team. In the 62nd minute: Velkoski, Travančić, Trivunović and Tadejević replaced: Bilbija, Purić, Tatomirović and Puzigaća. Only two minutes later, our players doubled their advance. Ognjen Todorović made an excellent kick once again, and brilliantly scored 0:2 for the Sarajevo team.

In the 70th minute, Todorović who was excellent today, scored for the third time, but the goal was annulled due to the improper position.

In the 77th minute, Faris Handžić replaced Miloš Stojčev, and in his very first attack Handžić almost scored a goal. He was alone before the goalkeeper, but unfortunately, he lacked precision.

Ten minutes before the end of the match, Kovačević and Jetvić had a chance to play instead of Cimirot and Todorović. Handžić succeeded in hitting the goal, but it was annulled due to offside. The goal scored by Handžića was preceded by good assistance from Osmanagić. The match ended with the score 0:2. It should be noted that due to some minor injury Mato Jajalo did not play today.

Today, the following players played for Sarajevo: Delač (replaced in the 46th min. by Bandović), Barić, Puzigaća (replaced in the 62nd min. by Tadejević), Dupovac, Tatomirović (replaced in the 62nd min. by Trivunović), Cimirot (replaced in the 80th min. by  Kovačević), Osmanagić, Todorović (replaced in the 80th min. by Jevtić), Purić (replaced in the 62nd min. by Travančić), Stojčev (replaced in the 77 min. F. Handžić), Bilbija (replaced in the 62nd min. by Velkoski).