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Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo and Mladost played draw on Koševo

12.04.2017 at 20:23h

Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo and Mladost played draw on Koševo

Football players of Sarajevo played draw against team of Mladost on today’s first match in semifinals of Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The goals scorer for Maroon Club was Mersudin Ahmetović and for the guests from Doboj near Kakanj the goal scorer was Mićo Kuzumović.

Our players opened well the first half of the match. After good combination Hebibović tried to pass to Ahmetović but the Mladost’s goalkeeper catches the ball before the attacker of the Maroon Club. Hebibović had a nice shot in 3rd minute but the ball ends in Velić’s hands. Four minutes later, Laštro shoots from a distance and in 11th minute Mladost scores a goal. Kuzmanović uses the mistake of Hodžić and sends the ball behind Adilović’s back. Hebibović had a free kick and Duljević shoots well in 21st minute from distance, but Velić was in his place.

After one corner, Rustemović had a shot over the goal and after that Hebibović tried from a distance but there was no change in the result. Our players had a nice action in 36th minute after which Hebibović had one imprecise header and three minutes later Mladost’s goalkeeper defends the shot from Rustemović. Sarajevo draws four minutes before the break. Almir Bekić passes, Ahmetović with the header sends the ball into the net of our guests.

At the opening of the second half, Crnkić shoots over the goal and after that, the goalkeeper of Mladost defends the shot from Sarić. In 71st minute Ramović had a header and hits the frame of the goal of Maroon Club and after a few minutes Novaković shoots but not strong enough after Ivetić passes. Ten minutes before the end Sarajevo had a big chance. Ahmetović was blocked in penalty area of the guests after big crowd. On the other side, Ramović shoots from a good position but Adilović was better. In 88th minute Sarajevo misses another chance. Crnkić passes to Duljević, who from a good position shoots beside the right side of the goal of Mladost.

Returning match of semifinals of Cup of Bosnia and Herzegovina is on schedule in Wednesday, April 19, 2017 in 16:30h at stadium of Mladost.

FK Sarajevo 1:1 FK Mladost

Olympic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”, attendance: 2.000, referee: Aleksandar Petrović, yellow cards: Crnkić (FK Sarajevo), Laštro (FK Mladost), goals: 11’ Kuzmanović, 41’ Ahmetović

FK Sarajevo: Adilović, Hodžić (from 76. minute Kadušić), Almir Bekić (from 66. minute Ivetić), Novaković, Mihojević, Sarić, Rustemović, Duljević, Crnkić, Hebibović (from 64. minute Husejinović) and Ahmetović.

NK Mladost: Velić, Rizvanović, Galić, Isaković, Laštro, Musić, Brkić, Sušić (from 46. minute Šišić), Kuzmanović, Maksimović (from 88. minute Aganspahić) and Ramović.