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Easy win for Sarajevo against Čelik

30.10.2016 at 16:15h

Easy win for Sarajevo against Čelik

Football players of Sarajevo have won on today's match against NK Čelik. Great game of Maroon club finished with the result od 4:0. Nermin Crnkić scored two times, while Ahmetović and Hebibović scored one goal each.

From the beginning, our players had field initiative, and in 3rd minute of the game Hebibović shots the ball beside the goal. On the other side, Brković gives a good one to Popović, who shots with the head by the frame.  The chance that Hebibović missed on the beginning of the match, came true in 12th minute, when Bekić passes the ball, Duljević brought it back in the middle, and Hebibović shots with a head and scores a goal.

Sarajevo continued with attacks. Hodžić shots from the side, but Popović was on position.  Good chance Maroon club had in 16th minute, when on throw in from Duljević, Balić shots, but Ružić saves the goal.  Hodžić throw in the ball, Crnkić got it, and hits the ball which ended in the goal of Čelik. Sarajevo has lead with two goals in 27th minute of the game. Ten minutes later, Hebibović had a chance but with no luck. In the last minutes of the first half time, Ahmetović had a great chance, when he shots from the edge of penalty area, but Čelik's goalkeeper keeps his goal safe.

At the beginning of the second half, Crnkić had a chance but shots next to the goal. Mersudin Ahmetović played a great game today, his highlight was at 58th minute. Hebibović passes a great ball to him, and Ahmetović with a nice action makes a score. In the next action, Ahmetović had another great chance. But his shot was defended by Ružić, who was on a right place.

His second goal on today's game, Nermin Crnkić scores in 72nd minute. Duljević passes a good one to Crnkić, who with a terrestrial shot puts a boll in a frame of Čelik's goal. Till the end of the game there were no chances, so the football players of Sarajevo won tree points.

In the next round, Krupa is hosting our team.

FK Sarajevo 4:0 NK Čelik

Olympic stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase", attendance: 2.000, referee: Dragan Petrović (Banja Luka), yellow cards: Ivetić (FK Sarajevo), Hasanović, Duvnjak (NK Čelik), goals: 12. Hebibović, 27, 72. Crnkić, 58. Ahmetović (FK Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Almir Bekić, Novaković, Balić (from 72. minute Kadušić), Mihojević, Ivetić, Duljević, Hebibović (from 76. minute Herić), Crnkić (from 79. minute Amer Bekić), Ahmetović.

NK Čelik: Ružić, Šivšić (from 46. minute Hrkać), Marin Popović, Hasanović, Salčinović, Brković (from 68. minute Duvnjak), Jusić, Goran Popović (from 65. minute Duraković), Pezer, Marković, Smriko.