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Emir Halilović is the new player of Sarajevo FC

14.01.2018 at 20:50h

Emir Halilović is the new player of Sarajevo FC

Sarajevo Football Club officially confirms the engagement of a twenty-year-old winged player, Emir Halilović. This player, who has played overseas in the past few years, has signed a one-year contract with our club today.

"After six years of playing abroad, I am returning to Bosnia and Herzegovina and I am glad that I signed a contract with the Sarajevo Football Club. There were still interests of other clubs, but I decided to Sarajevo and I'm happy, I'm looking forward to training and matches in front of the Koševo‘s audience. I come to a club with great motivation and desire and I can promise that I will always give the maximum of myself. It is an honor to play for this club and for these fans, " said Halilović, who has played for Budućnost from Banović and Zvijezda from Gradačac in our country in the past years. After leaving Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2012, he played for two clubs in the Czech Republic, then for Slovak Spartak from Trnovo, and last last half-season he spent in Linz from Austria.

"We examined a lot of players in the past period to find an adequate solution on the wing position. Our desire was to bring Offus from Istria, however, as these negotiations failed, we decided on the second solution. The choice of bringing Emir Halilović, I think it's a player who has experience, which can help us in several positions and it is very important that he has a BH passport, we will see if we have guessed and found the right solution for each player who comes. A new player, and his quality should show and justify his arrival and time will show whether our estimates were correct. The length of the contract is not long in the sense that the club will commit in the long term, nor the financial conditions are too great, so, we are satisfied with all aspects. He joins the team tomorrow and I want the success to Emir in the Sarajevo jersey, " said Husref Musemić, the head of Sarajevo's professional staff, after Emir officially became a player of our club.

For our newcomer, we want a lot of luck in our club. Welcome Emir!