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FC Sarajevo at London's Sports Rights Conference

24.05.2019 at 11:30h

FC Sarajevo at London's Sports Rights Conference

A two-day conference on sports rights organized by LawInSport was held in London on 22nd July and 23 May 2019. The conference included subjects such as immigrational and tax payments, the role of agents in modern football, the role of political structures and the regional development of football. The general director of FC Sarajevo, Sabrina Buljubašić, was one of the panelists on the first day of the conference, and FC Sarajevo was the only participant from the Balkan region.

The representatives of European clubs such as Arsenal, Chelsea, Fulham, Manchester United, as well as the representatives of the English Football Association, the Asian Football Confederacy, ECA, FIFA and many others sport professionals participated in this conference.

SABRINA BULJUBAŠIĆ: "As a sports lawyer, I think it is very important for every club to have a lawyer. The proccess of passing certain sports laws in BiH would simplify many procedures, as well as facilitate running clubs. Reducing the tax payment would allow the relocation of funds to other purposes which would improve the work of the clubs considerably."

Besides Buljubasic, those who held a speech at the Conference were FIFA Legal Affairs director - Emilio Garcia Silvero, the general director of LawInSport - Sean Cottrell, the head of the ECA Sports Law department - Daan De Jong, a professional player - Eniola Aluko, the Senior Foreign deputy of City Football Group - James Johnson, The executive director of the FARE Network - Piara Powar, the Europe League Secretary - Georg Pangl and others.

You can see the list of all participants by clicking on the following LINK.