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FK Krupa 2: 3 FK Sarajevo | Kuzmanović was the crucial man for the win

05.05.2018 at 16:07h

FK Krupa 2: 3 FK Sarajevo | Kuzmanović was the crucial man for the win

Footballers of Sarajevo have today made an important victory in the battle for place leading to Europe. The players of Husref Musemić won the match against Krupa, with well deserved 3:2, and goals for victory were scored by Mićo Kuzmanović (2) and Krste Velkoski.

The first good opportunity, however, was by Krupa players. Milanović's strike was blocked by our players, and on the other hand, Bekić's attempt was also blocked. Then Adukor did not slow down after our corner, and a few minutes after the home team took the lead. Galešić played it with Marjanović, who was sending the ball away behind Pavlović's back.

Afterwards Stanojević tried, the ball goes over the goal and Sarajevo equalized in the 32nd minute. Velkoski “employed” Kuzmanović, who precisely shot on the goal of Krupa. By the end of the first part, the Maroon club came to a complete reversal. Hebibović shoots with a header, and Vukotić handles the ball. The referee reflects justly on the white dot. Velkoski takes the ball and scores.

However, at the opening of the second part Krupa scores another one. After the corner the ball refuses off  to Vukotić who writes his name in the scorers list. After the shot, Sarajevo had a chance through Ahmetović. Kuzmanović shoots wide distance near home side’s goal in the 65. minute. Only a minute later, Sarajevo had a new chance through Hebibović, but his shot went off beside the goal. Krupa could use the Sarajevo’s error in the 72. minute of the match. Mujakić and Šabanović lost the ball in front of their penalty area, Dabić took the ball and shot, but Pavlović stopped his attempt. Until the next serious opportunity was awaited until the 81. minute when Sarajevo played a great deal, but the Crepulja’s blow was blocked by Makitan.

Immediately in the next minute, a new opportunity for Sarajevo happened. Velkoski played well with Halilović, but his shot went through the goal of the home team. Sarajevo could have reached the victory in the last minutes of the match, but Velkoski's strike ended at the crossbar of Krupa. However, Sarajevo's pressure paid off in the last minute of a match when Adukor smashed the ball into the penalty area and Mićo Kuzmanović scored for 3-2 victory.

After today's match, Sarajevo has 53 points, and in the next round Zrinjski will be visiting Koševo.

FK Krupa 2:3 FK Sarajevo

Stadium “Krupa”, spectators: 550, head referee: Ermin Sivac, yellow cards: Galešić, Vukotić, Maksimović, Dujaković (FK Krupa), red cards: Aleksić (FK Krupa) , scorers: Marjanović, Vukotić (FK Krupa), Kuzmanović (2), Velkoski (FK Sarajevo).

FK Krupa:  Fejzić, Galešić (68. Balabanović), Maksimović, Makitan, Dujaković, Vukotić, Nikodijević, Mirosavljević, Milanović (63. Dabić), Marjanović (74. Savić), Šamara. Coach: Slobodan Starčević.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Stanojević (84. Mustafić), Kuzmanović, Ahmetović, Velkoski, Hebibović, Mujakić, Bekić (60. Šabanović), Adukor, Crepulja, Halilović. Coach: Husref Musemić.