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FK Sarajevo 0:1 FK Partizan

09.02.2014 at 22:41h

FK Sarajevo 0:1 FK Partizan

In the today's preparation match, FK Partizan beat our team with 1:0.

The match started with chances for our players. After five minutes, Tadejević directed a strong shot on goal, but Ivković was fast and the ball ended in corner. Only a minute after, Ninković threatened at the other side, but our goalkeeper, Matej Delač, was confident. The next chance was recorded by Anid Travančić. This young winger obtained a position and directed a long-distance shot besides the goal of FK Partizan.

In the 30th minute, Todorović made a 20-meter shot, but Ivković blocked. Živković had a chance for FK Partizan in the 37th minute, but it was a rather poor shot on goal. FK Partizan managed to score a goal in the 44th minute but it was being annulled due to offside. The very end of the first half could have been joyful for our team when the new player in the bordeaux jersey, Mato Jajalo, directed a shot on goal, but the Partizan's goalkeeper send it to corner. The first half closed with no goals.

The second half kicked-off with a new chance for our players. Velkoski broke free, directed a powerful shot on goal, but Živković successfully defended his goal. Ten minutes later, Marković tried to shoot form a distance, but the ball only passed the goal. Vusljanin also directed a shot from 25 meters, but imprecisely and highly above the goal. Chances from penalty kicks were later recorded on both sides of the field by Osmanagić and Ninković, respectively, but the result did not change as far as the 81st minute when Živković quickly counter attacked and passed to Ninković who scored for a 1:0 lead. In the last minute, Dario Purić made a fantastic shot on goal but the goalkeeper Ninković was again confident. 

After the end of the match, our head coach, Rober Jarni, addressed the media:

''We had ups and downs during the game. We did have very good segments during the entire game, but we missed a smooth, final pass to endanger the opponent's goal. Unfortunately, we failed to do so. I believe that we have enough time available to overcome all the flaws in our game until the kick-off of the championship and the first game in Zenica'', said Mr. Jarni.

FK Sarajevo squad: Delač, Barić, Trivunović, Dupovac, Tadejević, Radovac, Jajalo, Travančić, Stojčev, Todorović, Velkoski. Second-half: Bandović, Purić, Cimirot, Vusljanin, Tatomirović, Osmanagić, Jevtić.