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FK Sarajevo 0:2 Pohang Steelers

06.02.2014 at 23:00h

FK Sarajevo 0:2 Pohang Steelers

In the second match played today during the preparations in Antalya, Turkey, our first team players were defeated by the South Korean champion, Pohang Steelers, by 2:0.

The coaching and medical staff of FK Sarajevo started the first half of the game with these players: Bandović, Barić, Tatomirović, Dupovac, Puzigaća, Osmanagić, Cimirot, Vusljanin, Stojčev, Todorović and Bilbija.

A goal scored after ten minutes gave Pohang Steelers a 1-0 lead against FK Sarajevo. With its starting lineup and later on a penalty kick, the South Korean team scored a bull's eye and led the match. After the goal, Pohang maintained its field initiative and superiority.

Our defenders released the pressure after 25 minutes when Biblija missed a chance to score for 1-1. Until the end of the first half, the ball possession and generally the field play was in our favor but with no goal scored.

After the first-half, few players were replaced and the second half of the game was started with: Delač, Barić, Tatomirović, Dupovac, Tadejević, Osmanagić, Cimirot (Kovačević), Travančić, Todorović, Bilbija (Handžić) and Velkoski.

In the second half, Pohang scored for a 2-0 lead. After a corner kick for our team, without a goal scored, Pohang's players took a turnover and defeated our player Delač. Until the end of the match, we have had three goal-scoring opportunities. After Todorivić and Travančić, Adnan Kovačević had the best chance for scoring, but unfortunately the ball hit the bar.

To sum up, we may say that this match was an excellent check-up for our players against a very tough rival who is currently a double champions' cup holder in South Correa. The next game is scheduled for Sunday, 01:00pm, when we are facing FK Partizan from Belgrade.