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FK Sarajevo 2:1 FC Metallurg

03.02.2014 at 23:21h

FK Sarajevo 2:1 FC Metallurg

FK Sarajevo won its first preparation match in Antalya. With a 2:1 score, our players defeated FC Metalurg, from Zaporožje, a 15th-ranked team in the Ukraine Championship. Nemanja Biblija scored twice in this match.

The managing and medical staff, headed by our coach Robert Jarni, decided to kick-off the match with: Delač, Tadejević, Barić, Dupovac, Trivunović, Cimirot, Radovac, Stojčev, Velkoski, Purić and Bilbija.

The first minutes of the match were pure strength testing for the players and showed no attractive football at all. It's worth noting that our team managed to score a goal but had it disallowed for being offside. Yet, on the other side of the field, our defender Delač had a brilliant intervention after a shot by Metalurg. Eighteen minutes later, our team scored for a 1:0 lead. Biblija scored his first goal in the match following a brilliant pass by Trivunović.

Only ten minutes later, our players rejoiced in striking again with a goal. Following a pass from Stojčev, Biblija once again extended the FK Sarajevo lead. Delač stood out as our team's best player in the opening half after defending a shot by the Ukrainian striker. We ended the first half with a deserved 2:0 lead.

The second half kicked-off with the following team: Bandović, Puzigaća, Barić, Dupovac, Trivunović, Cimirot, Osmanagić, Stojčev, Todorović, Travančić and Velkoski.

The pace of the game did not bring any significant goal-scoring chances in the first minutes of the second half. The game was mostly played in the middle field, with no threats for both goals. However, the pace was interrupted by Krste Velkovski with his shot in the 70th minute. Our brilliant attacker almost scored, which would have been his third goal in the opponent’s net.

Over the last twenty minutes, FC Metalurg began to attack and created few chances. Our goalkeeper Bandović brilliantly defended our net after the first shot and the second penalty shot, but unfortunately, after the third shot by FC Metalurg the ball bounced back from our defenders and entered the net. This score, in the 82nd minute, was the last one in this match.

In the 75th minute of the match, Cimirot and Stojčev were replaced by Kovačević and Handžić.