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FK Sarajevo 2:3 FC Astana

12.02.2016 at 19:09h

FK Sarajevo 2:3 FC Astana

The footballers of Sarajevo were defeated in a friendly match by the participant of the group phase of the Champions League, FC Astana from Kazakhstan with a result 3:2. Our team played an extremely good match in which they created many goal chances, and until the 60th minute they were leading with the result 2:0. However, the quality of our today’s opponent prevailed later in the match and the players from Kazakhstan managed to shift the result in their favor until the end of the match.

Adnan Kovačević missed the match against Astana in Belek due to pain in tendon area and Cesar Augusto Hermenegildo also didn’t play today because of a death case in his family.

“Unfortunately, our Cesar lost his father and on behalf of the FK Sarajevo team we would like to convey our sincere condolences. We are with him in these for him difficult moments”, said the Chief of Coaching Staff Miodrag Ješić.

Our team opened the match better. In the fifth minute Amer Bekić was in an excellent position but the goalkeeper of Astana kicked the ball into the corner and after which Emerson headed the ball beside the goal. Ten minutes later, Amer Bekić made another shot but without changes. Haris Duljević also missed a good opportunity; his kick from 11 meters of distance went beside the goal. The players of the Maroon Club confirmed the initiative and supremacy on the field just before the end of the first half when Kadušić penetrated the right side and made a centre shot to the penalty area and Benko sent the ball into the goal of the goalkeeper of the Kazakhstan team.

Later in the match, another eleven players joined the game. Instead of the starting line-up – Pavlović, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Kramar, Barbarić, Emerson, Rustemović, Duljević, Simeunović, Amer Bekić and Benko, the following players joined the match – Plakalo, Kallasi, Mihojević, Berberović, Radovac, Krajišnik, Herić, Okić, Osmanović and Velkoski. Let’s also mention that Denis Kramar played the whole match and Demirel Veladžić also had his chance; he joined the match fifteen minutes before the end.

Right at the beginning of the second half, a new goal was scored. A great combination of our football players performed by Velkoski, Osmanović and Okić, who scored the goal to increase the lead of the Maroon Club with a low shot. However, later in the match, Astana succeeded to shift the result. Through Šetkin in the 57th minute and five minutes later through Canas, the team from Kazakhstan leveled the result and in the last minutes took the lead through Despotović, so the match finished with a result of 3:2 in favor of Astana.

On 16 February, the footballers of Sarajevo in Antalya are going to play another friendly match against Kairat.