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FK Sarajevo 3: 2 FC Kuban | Turn over and victory of Sarajevo against the Russian club

02.02.2018 at 19:24h

FK Sarajevo 3: 2 FC Kuban  | Turn over and victory of Sarajevo against the Russian club

Footballers of Sarajevo today played another friendly match on preparations in Antalya. The selectors of Husref Musemić played against the club from Russia, FC Kuban Krasnodar, and the match ended with the victory of Sarajevo 3: 2.

Sarajevo dominated during the first part of the game, creating a huge number of opportunities, but at the break, Kuban team went on a 2-0 lead. Green-yellow led from the penalty area, when Pavlović knocked down the player of Kuban in our penalty area, and soon afterwards, the Russian players increased their lead when their wingman hit the right-hand corner of our club with a precise strike. On the other hand, Hebibović had a ball after the beautiful action of Sarajevo, but the goalkeeper of Kuban saved the ball. Hebibović tried again with a shot from the distance, and Kuban's goalkeeper pointed out with a nice defense when again Hebibović shot from the top of the penalty area.

Sarajevo could have scored in 31. minute. Halilović passed the ball to Hebibović. Surely, Velkoski, this time, shots by the side of his left crossbar. Sarajevo threatened even through Mujakić, who shook with head over the goal, and Mustafić had a good chance. Our talented midfielder was kicking hard, but the ball goes again over the crossbar.

At the opening of the second half, Rahmanović was shot after Hodžić's adding, but there was no change in the results. In the 56.minute, Halilović's attempt was blocked. Already in the next attack, Sarajevo comes to a goal. Nice action of our team, Velkoski plays it off with Hebibović, who sends ball behind the back of the Kuban goalkeeper. Sarajevo could have been equal to already in the 61. minute when Velkoski added to Rahmanović, but our number 10 jersey sent ball through the goal. He tried with Velkoski ten minutes later, but the goalkeeper catches the ball. However, the better game of Sarajevo was in 73. minute. Velkoski was again in the role of assistant, and this time, the scorer was Emir Halilović, who freed himself of a guard and matted the goalkeeper of Kuban.

Ten minutes before the end of the match, Kuban was left with a player less when the defendant of green-yellow stopped Hodžić, who was alone with the goalkeeper. Due to the agreement of the team, the substitute player entered. Velkoski shot from a free kick but the ball goes a few centimeters above the crossbar. Lelić also tried in the 84. minute, but still  there was no change. Herić and Lelić had an opportunity again, and goal for the lead of the Maroon Club was Mićo Kuzmanović in the last minute of the match. Hebibović left the ball, and Kuzmanović hit a precise shot for a win of the Maroon Club.

Let us also add that Said Husejinović and Milošs Stanojević missed the match today for minor injuries. The next friendly match of our club in Turkey is scheduled for Sunday, February 4, when Sarajevo will play against the Ukrainian Premier League, FC Mariupol.