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FK Sarajevo 3:1 FK Radnik | Win of the Maroon Club on Koševo with two goals and Velkoski’s assist

29.04.2018 at 20:02h

FK Sarajevo 3:1 FK Radnik | Win of the Maroon Club on Koševo with two goals and Velkoski’s assist

Footballers of Sarajevo have won today the team of Radnik on Koševo. The match against the club from Bijeljina ended with the victory of the Maroon Club 3: 1. Krste Velkoski (2) and Amar Rahmanovic scored the goals for the victory of Sarajevo.

The first opportunity at the meeting had a Maroon club and the same resulted in a goal. Šabanović slipped perfectly to the right, where he got the ball from Halilović and in the middle of the penalty area to Velkoski it was not difficult to send the ball behind the back of the goalkeeper Lučić. Ten minutes later, Đurić's shot was blocked, and in 21. minute Sarajevo came to a second goal. A beautiful action by our players, Bekić put the ball in and Velkoski jumped to the right and hit the net of the visiting team. By the end of the first part, Peco tried to score but Pavlović also pointed out with good intervention.

The second part of the game began with another period of pressure from Sarajevo, which resulted in a great chance for the aMaroon team. Emir Halilović went through several players, then he shot it well, but his shot was stopped by Lučić. Then Šabanović lost a ball in the middle, and Dino Beširović managed to hit the net of our club. As the match continued, Sarajevo had a great chance through Kuzmanović, who shot over the goal, and then Sarić and Halilović tried, but there was no change.

However, by the end of the match, the Maroon Club came to a new goal. Velkoski found Rahmanović, who managed to score a goal and set the final result of the match. In the next round, the Maroon Club will be hosting in Krupa.

FK Sarajevo 3:1 FK Radnik Bijeljina

Olimpic stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase", spectators: 1.000,head referee: Dragan Petrović (Banja Luka),yellow cards: Šabanović, Sarić, Rahmanović (FK Sarajevo), Franić (FK Radnik), scorers: Velkoski (2), Rahmanović.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Šabanović, Sarić, Ahmetović, Velkski, Hebibović (65. minute Kuzmanović), Mujakić, Bekić (24. minute Hodžić), Crepulja, Adukor, Halilović (84. minute Rahmanović).  Coach: Husref Musemić.

FK Radnik: Lučić, Franić, Martinović, Stojanović (74. minute Mekić), Beširević, Srećković, Zec, Peco (41. minute Hadžić), Glišić, Đurić, Merajić (68. minute Okić). Coach: Mladen Žižović.


1. FK Sarajevo 19 7 5 62:20 64
2. HŠK Zrinjski 18 7 6 41:21 61
3. NK Široki Brijeg 12 14 5 34:21 50
4. FK Željezničar 13 8 10 39:30 47
5. FK Radnik 9 14 8 27:24 41
6. NK Čelik 10 9 12 27:47 39
7. FK Sloboda 10 8 13 22:29 38
8. FK Zvijezda-09 9 10 12 33:41 37
9. FK Mladost DK 10 7 14 32:44 37
10. FK Tuzla City 9 9 13 31:36 36
11. FK Krupa 7 9 15 35:45 30
12. NK GOŠK 5 8 18 23:48 23