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FK Sarajevo 4: 1 HŠK Zrinjski | The victory of the Maroon Club on Koševo

13.05.2018 at 19:34h

FK Sarajevo 4: 1 HŠK Zrinjski | The victory of the Maroon Club on Koševo

The chosen ones of Husref Musemić today played one of the best games of the season. Within the 9. round of BH Telecom Premier League of B&H our players have won Zrinjski on Koševo with a score of 4: 1. Mićo Kuzmanović scored two goals, while Elvis Sarić and Mersudin Ahmetovića also were scorers.

Already in the first minute of the match, Sarajevo hit the Zrinjski’s net, when the ball after the action on the right side got Emir Halilović. He adjusted himself to shoot but the ball eventually turned down to Mersudin Ahmetović, who shaken the net. His regular goal was canceled by a referee’s mistake. The Maroon club continued to attack, and there were several good opportunities through Ahmetović, Kuzmanović and Hebibović.

The first goal was scored in 33. minute. Halilović put the ball out of the corner, and Sarić managed to beat Trifković on the goal of Zrinjski. Only a few minutes later, Velkoski sent the ball to Ahmetović. Our attacker increased the lead with a precise shot and by the end of the first half another goal was scored. Šabanović goes on the left and throws it in for Kuzmanović who managed to get behind the back of goalkeeper Zrinjski.

As the match continues, Zrinjski comes close to the goal in the 55. minute. Todovorić put in and Handžić managed to cheat Pavlović on our goal. However, Sarajevo soon scored a new goal. After a great attack by our team, Kuzmanović puts the final result in the most beautiful move. He tried on the left side, shot and scored. By the end of the match Sarajevo had a great opportunity over Ahmetović, however, there were no changes.

In the next round, the Maroon Club will play against Željezničar on Grbavica. The match is scheduled for Saturday, May 19, starting at 5pm.

FK Sarajevo 4:1 HŠK Zrinjski

Olimpic stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”, spectators: 500, head referee: Zoran Grbić, yellow cards: Hairlahović, Bilbija (HŠK Zrinjski), scorers: Kuzmanović (2), Ahmetović, Sarić (FK Sarajevo), Handžić (HŠK Zrinjski).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hebibović, Šabanović, Adukor, Mujakić (76. minute Rahmanović), Stanojević (69. minute Šofranac), Sarić, Velkoski, Halilović (57. minute Hodžić), Kuzmanović, Ahmetović. Coach: Husref Musemić.

HŠK Zrinjski: Trifković, Kadušić (66. minute Bilbija), Stanić (60. minute Stojkić), Barišić, Laštro, Hairlahović, Perišić, Bekrić, Gržan, Todorović (60. minute Filipović), Handžić. Coach: Blaž Slišković.