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FK Sarajevo 4:0 NK Metalleghe

29.01.2016 at 16:21h

FK Sarajevo 4:0 NK Metalleghe

In the first friendly match of this year’s preparations, footballers of Sarajevo defeated Metalleghe from Jajce with a result 4:0. Scorers in the win against the leader of the 1st League of the Federation were Tomislav Barbarić, Deni Simeunović and twice Amer Bekić.

The match which was played at the “Bare” stadium in Čitluk was better opened by the team from Jajce. In the 14th minute, Pljevljak made an attempt from a promising position, but the ball went over the goal of Pavlović, and on the other side the first threat came from Kramar who headed the ball beside the goal post after the centre shot by Duljević. Velkoski tested his skills from a free kick and in the next attack Duljević also attempted from a distance, but there was no change of the result.

The Macedonian national team player had a good chance just five minutes later, when his shot ended just a few centimetres beside the left goal post. In the 30th minute, our goalkeeper Bojan Pavlović made a great save after a free kick performed by Bibić and also made another great save after a shot from the left side performed by Popović.

During the first half-time Sarajevo came closest to scoring a goal in the 41st minute when the goalkeeper of the guest team, Fejzić saved a great attempt performed by Duljević. In the last minute of the first half, Mihojević headed the ball from a promising position but it went straight into the goalkeeper’s hands.

The second part of the match was excellently opened by our footballers, Amer Bekić had a great opportunity, however his shot from the edge of the penalty box ended in the outer part of the net. Sarajevo took the lead in the 62nd minute. Emerson made an excellent centre shot from a corner kick, Barbarić performed even better jump and with a strong shot sent the ball behind the goalkeeper’s back. Just a few minutes after this, Adnan Kovačević had a good opportunity, but the goalkeeper from Jajce defended his attempt just a couple of meters from the goal.

Next change of the result came in the 78th minute of the match. Simeunović made a centre shot from the left side in the penalty box and Amer Bekić scored his first goal of the match with a precise shot. Five minutes later, the result was 3:0. This time Simeunović decided to try and scored a wonderful goal. There was yet another goal until the end of the match. Kadušić made a centre shot and Amer Bekić who was once again the best positioned player in the penalty scored his second goal and Sarajevo’s fourth goal of the match.

Footballers of Sarajevo will play their second preparatory match on 2 February 2016 in which Miodrag Ješić’s lads will confront the team of NK Brotnjo – Čitluk.

FK Sarajevo 4:0 NK Metalleghe

"Bare" stadium - Čitluk, referee: Vedran Zovko, yellow card: Fejzić (Metalleghe), scorersi: Barbarić, Simeunović, Amer Bekić (2).

FK Sarajevo - I half-time: Pavlović, Kallasi, Kramar, Mihojević, Herić, Berberović, Radovac, Veladžić, Duljević, Velkoski, Benko. II half-time: Plakalo, Kadušić, Barbarić, Kovačević, Almir Bekić, Emerson, Rustemović, Okić, Simeunović, Cesar, Amer Bekić.

Metalleghe BSI - I half-time: Fejzić, Dujaković, Benović, Helvida, Stakić, Sakan, Karađuz, Bibić, Pljevljak, Dilberović, Popović. II half-time: Ilić, Aščić, F. Fejzić, Rovčanin, Duraković, Čišija, Radulović, Marin, Goloman, Krak, Gavrić, Kovač, Radovac.