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Friendly match: Draw between Velež and Sarajevo in Vrapčići

20.01.2018 at 16:31h

Friendly match: Draw between Velež and Sarajevo in Vrapčići

After a friendly match against GOŠK, football players of Sarajevo played a preparatory match against Velež today. The match at the auxiliary ground of the stadium „Rođeni“ended without a winner, with a result of 1: 1. Goal for Sarajevo was scored by Emir Halilović.

Sarajevo first threatened at the start of the match. Halilović was a good shot, but the goalkeeper of Velež stood out. Then, Bekić tried his shot, but there was no change. Shortly after Bekić gets into 21 minute, Halilović fails to hit the net with several meters. It was played 27. minute when Sarić was kicking from the free-kick but the ball was going over the goal. The 27. minute is the first opportunity for domestic players. Mujezinović from free kick was not sufficiently precise.

Sarajevo took the lead in the 29. minute, when Rahmanović employed Halilović, who finds a space and a precision kick with the right leg hits the goal line of Velež for the leadership of Sarajevo.

After a few minutes of the game, Velež comes to a draw. Mujanović exploited the weak response of the Sarajevo’s defense. The second part of the match was less intense than it was in the first 45 minutes, and the spectators were less likely to see. Behram threatened to score, Mujezinović had a good chance, and on the other side Kuzmanović failed to hit, and Velkoski had a chance.

The match ended with a score of 1: 1 and Sarajevo’s player will stay in Čitluk until Monday, when they will head back to the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina later afternoon training.

FK Velež Mostar 1:1 FK Sarajevo  | Scorers: Emir Halilović 33' (FK Sarajevo), Mustafa Mujezinović 55' (FK Velež).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Adukor, Mihojević, Bekić, Šabanović, Sarić, Mustafić, Rahmanović, Hebibović, Halilović, Ahmetović. In the second half time: Adilović, Hodžić, Lelić, Mujakić, Sadiku, Radovac, Herić, Stanojević, Husejinović, Kuzmanović i Velkoski.