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Friendly match: Sarajevo won FK Podrinje in Janja

04.10.2017 at 17:44h

Friendly match: Sarajevo won FK Podrinje in Janja

Football players of Sarajevo played a friendly match today against FK Podrinje. Our club was in Janja, on the 90. birthday of the mentioned club. Before the start of the match, the captain of Sarajevo at today's game, Krste Velkoski, presented a gift in front of our club to FK Podrinje, in a symbolic manner, marking today's jubilee.

The head couch of Sarajevo, Husref Musemić, together with his assistants, decided to start the meeting with the following composition: Pavlović, Hebibović, Bekić, Adukor, Ijetić, Saric, Stanojević, Anđušić, Velkoski, Lelić, Ahmetović.

Mersudin Ahmetović marked the first part of the game. The top scorer of the Premier League of B&H, who scored seven goals in the previous championship, confirmed his golgeter form in Janja too. In the first part of the game, he managed to score three goals and hit the crossbar when cornering in the finish line. In addition to Ahmetović, Sarajevo also threatened with Lelić and Anđušić.

In the second half time, on a well-filled stadium, they ran out: Kovačević, Sadiku, Pidro, Novaković, Mujakić, Adukor, Rahmanović, Husejinović, Crnkić, Hodžić and Hadžić.

It was played 10. minute after the new goal was scored. Husejinović entered the scorers, and Crnkić assisted him. Shortly thereafter, another goal of Husejinović happened. By the end of the match, there was no change in the results, and footballers of Sarajevo, in the beautiful football performance, entered a 5-0 victory.

After a break, the Sarajevo Football Club continues the Premier League competition. On October 14, Husref Musemic's selection will be hosted by Sloboda in Tuzla.