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High victory of Sarajevo in a friendly match against NK Moševac - Maglaj

14.11.2017 at 15:15h

High victory of Sarajevo in a friendly match against NK Moševac - Maglaj

The players of Sarajevo played a new friendly match today. The winners of Husref Musemić won the visitors from Maglaj, players of NK Moševac 7: 2 after a very cold weather conditions. Today's match was played during a representative break in the championship, and our players, we recall, played last week in Tešanj against TOŠK, which ended with a 4-0 victory.

Our expert team took the following composition out at the start of the match: Adilović, Ivetić, Mujakić, Pidro, Kadušić, Herić, Radovac, Rahmanović, Husejinović, Kuzmanović and Smajlagić.

The Maroon club comes to the lead at the opening of the match. Husejinović struck in a 4th minute for a lead. Then Smajlagić and Kuzmanović had two opportunities, but there were no changes. A few minutes later, Huseinović passed the ball to Rahmanović, who entered the scorers. The 27th minute was played when Smajlagić was relieved of the unsuccessful position, and shortly after, Lelić entered the game instead of Kuzmanović, who complained of being hurt. Shortly thereafter, Herić struck 3-0 with a nice shot, and by the end of the first half, Huseinović took the ball from the corner, Rahmanović sent ball behind goalkeepers head.

At the opening of the second part, the guests had a chance, but there was no danger to the goal of Sarajevo. On the other hand, Rahmanović hit the network of team from Maglaj after the beautiful action of Sarajevo, and two minutes later, Crnkić entered the scorers. Then Moševac scored two quick goals, and until the end, Crnkić re-entered the shooters. 

Upcoming weekend, our Sarajevo will host the Mladost team at Koševo. The match is scheduled on Saturday, November 18 starting at 16.00.