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HŠK Zrinjski 1: 0 FK Sarajevo | Minor defeat of the Maroon club in Mostar

07.04.2018 at 21:15h

HŠK Zrinjski 1: 0 FK Sarajevo | Minor defeat of the Maroon club in Mostar

Football players of Sarajevo have been defeated in today's match of the 4. round of the Premier League in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The match in Mostar was completed in favor of Zrinjski, and goalkeeper goal for the home win was Nemanja Bilbija.

The Maroon club in Mostar performed without a few standard first-team players and Zrinjski used that. Jović was late on the threw in shoot of Bencun in the 8. minute. Then the same player shot near the goal, and in 16. minute Pavlovic defended Filipovic's shot. On the other side of the ball after the breakthrough, Kuzmanović goes only in the corner. Velkoski had a chance from the free kick in the finish of the first half, but he shot over the goal.

The continuation of the match brought a great opportunity for Sarajevo. Velkoski pulled the ball away from the center, entered the penalty area, but his kick went past the goal. Then Jović makes a chance for Zrinjski shooting through the goal, and in 73. minute the ball refuses to Bilbija, which scores Pavlović's network. By the end of the match, our players failed to reach the desired goal.

In the next round, Sarajevo on Koševo meets Željezničar. The match is scheduled for Sunday, April 15 and will start at 16.30.

”It is obvious that the absence of four players is a loss for this team; I do not know what would happen if Krste Velkosk scored in the only chance, we had. Zrinjski's victory was all-in. Every game is difficult, especially when playing under pressure. We will try to recover as much as possible against the derby against Željezničar,” the head of the Sarajevo profession, Husref Musemić, said after the match today.

HŠK Zrinjski 1:0 FK Sarajevo

Stadium "Pod Bijelim Brijegom", spectators: 3.000,the main referee: Elvis Mujić (Banovići), yellow cards: Mujakić, Stanojević, Kuzmanović (FK Sarajevo), scorer: Bilbija 73' (HŠK Zrinjski).

HŠK Zrinjski: Pirić, Galić, Barišić, Čirjak, Jović (67. minute Aćimović), Pezer, Jakovljević, Bencun (60. minute Todorović), Filipović, Kadušić, Bilbija (86. minute Bekrić). Coach: Blaž Slišković.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Šabanović, Stanojević (82. minute Herić), Kuzmanović, Sarić, Rahmanović (78. minute Altiparmakovski), Velkoski, Mujakić (61. minute Lelić), Šofranac, Adukor, Halilović. Coach: Husref Musemić.


1. FK Sarajevo 20 7 5 66:20 67
2. HŠK Zrinjski 19 7 6 46:22 64
3. NK Široki Brijeg 13 14 5 36:22 53
4. FK Željezničar 13 8 11 40:32 47
5. NK Čelik 11 9 12 29:48 42
6. FK Radnik 9 14 9 28:26 41
7. FK Mladost DK 11 7 14 33:44 40
8. FK Sloboda 10 8 14 22:30 38
9. FK Zvijezda-09 9 10 13 33:45 37
10. FK Tuzla City 9 9 14 32:41 36
11. FK Krupa 8 9 15 39:45 33
12. NK GOŠK 5 8 19 25:52 23