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HŠK Zrinjski 2:2 FK Sarajevo

28.02.2016 at 17:20h

HŠK Zrinjski 2:2 FK Sarajevo

In the Matchday 1 of the spring part of the championship, Sarajevo played a draw in the match against Zrinjski which took place today. The match which was played at the Bijeli Brijeg stadium ended with the result 2:2, and Deni Simeunović and Amer Bekić scored the goals for our Club.

Our players had the first chance in the match today. Rustemović took the ball from the centre, came up almost to the penalty area and passed the ball to je Cesar. However, the goalkeeper of the home team reached the ball first and eliminated the danger for the goal of Zrinjski. In the 11th minute on the other side, Zrinjski executed the first corner but Kovačević kicked the ball out. Few minutes after that, Emerson performed the center shot for Cezar who didn’t manage to reach the ball before Graovac and the first shot of the match was performed by the former Sarajevo player Ognjen Todorović; in the 20th minute he tested our goalkeeper Pavlović, but our goalkeeper made an excellent save.

Sarajevo took a well-deserved lead in the 23rd minute. Cezar returned the ball to Almir Bekić who centered the ball with his right foot, after which Simeunović put the ball into the net of Karačić with a low shot. Later, the footballers of Zrinjski had several chances which didn’t change the result and in our team Haris Harba had a good chance when he made a shot from distance which went beside the goal. After a mistake made by Almir Bekić, the ball reached Todorović who made a shot and leveled the result so the players went on the break with a result 1:1.

Sarajevo had a great chance at the start of the second half. Emerson found Benko, who managed to kick the ball over Karačić but Graovac kicked the ball out from the goal line. Soon after, Almir Bekić made a shot diagonally from the left but the ball ended in the corner. Our team crowned a good game of Sarajevo in the second part by scoring the second goal in the 68th minute. Almir Bekić made a centre shot from the left side and Amer Bekić scored a goal with his head for the new lead of our Club.

Our Club continued its dominance on the field. Emerson made a great shot from the top of the penalty area in the 75th minute and Karačić made a god intervention. On the other side, Zrinjski also had a good chance when Bilbija’s shot hit the frame of the goal of Pavlović in the 78th minute. However, this player managed to score a goal seven minutes later. After a free kick, the ball reached Bilbija who sent it into the goal of Sarajevo.

Until the end of the match, Sarajevo had a good chance through Rustemović who made free kick diagonally from the right side but the goalkeeper Karačić defended and saved his net.

In the next Matchday at the “Asim Ferhatović-Hase” Olympic Stadium, Sarajevo will play against Čelik from Zenica. The match is scheduled for 5 March at 17:00 hrs.

HŠK Zrinjski 2:2 FK Sarajevo

Bijeli Brijeg stadium in Mostar, spectators: 4.000, referee: Eldin Jakupović, yellow cards: Simeunović, Almir Bekić, Kadušić (Sarajevo), Blaić, Radulović (Zrinjski), scorers: Simeunović 23rd minute, Amer Bekić 68th minute (Sarajevo), Todorović 45th minute, Bilbija 85th minute (Zrinjski).

HŠK Zrinjski: Karačić, Blaić, Stojkić, Laštro, Graovac, Petrak, Tomić (from 68th min. Radulović), Žeravica (from 70th min. Bilbija), Todorović, Zakarić (from 64th min. Filipović), Mešanović.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Kovačević, Barbarić, Rustemović, Emerson, Simeunović (from 52nd min. Benko), Harba, Cezar (from 64th min. Radovac), Amer Bekić (from 77th min. Okić).