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Krupa defeated Sarajevo on Koševo stadium

01.10.2017 at 19:32h

Krupa defeated Sarajevo on Koševo stadium

Footballers of Sarajevo have entered a new preliminary defeat in today's match of the 10th round of the BH Telecom Premier League of B&H. The game against FK Krupa ended with 3: 2 in favor of the guests, and goals for Sarajevo were scored by Elvis Sarić and Mersudin Ahmetović.

The start of the match has announced that Sarajevo will find it difficult to win. Krupa played defensively during all 90 minutes, with the whole team behind the ball when attacking Sarajevo, and from their rare offensive actions managed to score goals.

Krupa took the lead in the 27th minute. Bad reaction of the defense of Sarajevo happened, after which Ljubenović scored for1: 0. On the other hand, Rahmanović shot through the goal at the center-shut of Ivetić's head. In the continuation of the game, Sarajevo prospered a much better game.

Stanojevic threatened with a shot from the distance in the 51th minute, and soon afterwards, the Maroon Club managed to score. Ahmetović left the ball for Sarić, who scored with a precise and accurate kick. Ten minutes later, the result was 2: 1. Kadušić threw in well with his left leg, and Ahmetović struck for the lead of the Maroon club. Just a minute later, Krupa is coming back again. Marjanović used the bad reaction of the defense of Sarajevo, and shortly afterwards, Aleksić brought Krupa leadership after one break.

By the end of the match, Sarajevo had two more opportunities. Hadžić kicked straight to Kutić, and then Krupa's great goal keeper saved his net after Velkoski’s shoot. In the next round, Sarajevo will host Sloboda in Tuzla.

FK Sarajevo 2: 3 FK Krupa

Olympic Stadium "Asim Ferhatović-Hase", spectators: 3.000, Head Referee: Ilija Živković, Scorers: Sarić 66’, Ahmetović 81’ (FK Sarajevo), Ljubenović 27’, Marjanović 82’, Aleksić 84’ (FK Krupa),yellow cards: Bekić, Velkoski, Hebibović, Ahmetović, Ivetić (FK Sarajevo), Koljić, Marjanović, Milutinović (FK Krupa).

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić (46. minute Hebibović), Stanojević (87. minute Hadžić), Novaković, Sarić, Ahmetović, Rahmanović ( 64. minute Anđušic), Velkoski, Ivetić, Bekić, Kadušić. Coach: Husref Musemić.

FK Krupa: Kutić, Jašarević, Ljubenović (90. minute Maksimović), Dujaković, Milutinović, Vukotić, Nikodijević, Savić (60. minute Vidović), Aleksić, Milanović, Barić (69. minute Marjanović). Coach: Slobodan Starčević.