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NK Brotnjo 1:1 FK Sarajevo

02.02.2016 at 16:28h

NK Brotnjo 1:1 FK Sarajevo

Footballers of Sarajevo played a draw today in a friendly match against Brotnjo which ended with a result 1:1 and the goal for our Club was scored by Cesar.

The first half of today’s match didn’t bring many opportunities. We should mention a good attempt of Velkoski in the 22nd minute, a kick of Osmanović two minutes later and the second attempt of Velkoski in the last minute of the first half but the nets were still in the first part of the match.

The second part of the match brought better football. Rustemović executed a good free kick in the 54th minute but Vrdoljak defended his shot. Footballers of Brotnjo took the lead five minutes later. Penava used bad reaction of our last line and put the ball into the net of Plakalo with a low shot. In the 64th minute, Rustemović had the next chance when he kicked the ball diagonally from the right side which ended beside the left post of the home team goal.

In the following minutes, Sarajevo had two good chances. In the 68th minute Almir Bekić kicked the ball beside the goal post and two minutes after Advan Kadušić hit the goal bar with a good shot from distance. Ten minutes later, Emerson performed free kick but Vrdoljak defended. Then Okić missed a good chance when he went alone in front of the goalkeeper but his shot didn’t change result.

After a couple of very good chances, our footballers managed to score a goal five minutes before the end of the match. Rustemović performed a centre shot from the right side and Cesar sent the ball into the undefended part of the net with a low shot. Our Club could have achieved the victory by the end of the match but Amer Bekić missed a good chance in the last minute when he kicked the ball beside the goal.

By this match today, the footballers of Sarajevo finalized their preparations in Čitluk which lasted for ten days. Our players will have a day off tomorrow and will go then to Antalya on Thursday where they are spending the second part of the winter preparations until 17 February.

NK Brotnjo 1:1 FK Sarajevo

Stadium "Bare" in Čitluk, spectators: 50, referee: Goran Paradžić, scorers: Penava (Brotnjo), Cesar (Sarajevo).

FK Sarajevo – First half: Trifković, Kallasi, Kramar, Berberović, Mihojević, Radovac, Krajišnik, Herić, Osmanović, Velkoski, Klarić. Second half: Plakalo, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Barbarić, Kovačević, Emerson, Rustemović, Okić, Simeunović, Cesar, Amer Bekić.