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NK Čelik 1:0 FK Sarajevo

01.03.2014 at 19:22h

 NK Čelik 1:0 FK Sarajevo

In the Matchday 20 of the BH Telecom Premier League in Bosnia and Herzegovina, football players of Sarajevo were defeated by Čelik, with a minimum score of 1:0.

At the start of the game our players controlled the pace but the players from Zenica were more dangerous. In the 15th minute, the first chance of the game. After Bureković entered, Mešanović shoots from seven metres but the ball passes to the right of Delač’s goal post.

In the 18th minute, after an unsuccessful offside ploy by our team, Dedić meets Delač alone, and he defends the goal well. In the 28th minute, Todorović shoots, the ball bounces off a home player and ends up in the corner.

Čelik takes the lead in the end of the first half. Mišić takes a centre shot to Sarajevo’s penalty box and the ball lands in our net. The goalkeeper Matej Delač, misjudged the trajectory of the ball from the Čelik’s right- back defence.

Sarajevo continued to put pressure on the Zenica team’s goal. In the 58th minute, a good cross by Todorović from the right, but the ball shook the net from outside. A major chance by Bilbija after Jajalo entered play in the 72nd minute, he took a close shot but it passed the left goal post of the Čelik goalkeeper, Adi Adilović. Until the game ended our players were on the offensive but failed to score.

The next chance for victory for our players will be next weekend, when they play Olimpic at the "Asim Ferhatović-Hase" stadium.

NK Čelik 1:0 FK Sarajevo

FK Sarajevo: Delač, Barić, Tatomirović, Dupovac, Puzigaća, Cimirot, Jajalo, Todorović (70.' Vusljanin), Stojčev (65.' Velkoski), Purić (80.' Travančić), Bilbija.