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NK Maribor 3:1 FK Sarajevo

08.02.2016 at 21:08h

NK Maribor 3:1 FK Sarajevo

The Maroon Club today played a friendly match against the champion of Slovenia, the team of Maribor. The match, in which our Club had more than just game, created several possible goal chances. However, it ended in the favour of Maribor and the final result was 1:3.

The team from Slovenia opened the first half better. After an exciting situation in the penalty area, the ball reached Tavares who then scored the goal for the lead of his team. It seems that a foul over Kovačević was made previously but the referee didn’t see it as a punishable and harsh foul.

After a received goal, in the following 30 minutes players in the maroon jerseys dominated on the field. In the 3rd minute, Emerson found Amer Bekić who made a headshot ending beside the goal, ten minutes later Almir Bekić made a centre shot from the left and Amer Bekić headed the ball just over the goal of Maribor. Adnan Kovačević also missed his chance when Handanović saved his net after his kick. In the 20th minute there was another disputable situation. The goal of Amer Bekić was annulled due to alleged offside situation, but it seems that this was another mistake of three referees.

Our footballers scored a goal in the 26th minute. Amer Bekić brilliantly sent the ball to Cesar who escaped from Maribor’s defender but was improperly tackled and the penalty was awarded for Sarajevo. Haris Duljević then took the ball and scored the goal with a firm shot for a draw. The goalkeeper Handanović was at the ball but the shot of our captain was too strong for him to make a save..

Filipović tried to strike back on the other side but his kick went beside the right goal post of Sarajevo. A new goal happened in the last moments of the first half.  This time, Tavares sent the ball with his head into the undefended part of the Sarajevo’s net.

Our striker Leon Benko opened the second half, i.e. in the 48th minute he tested his shot but it was blocked. Not long after Radovac kicked the ball from a distance but Handanović made another save. Sarajevo could have scored a new goal in the 62nd minute when Benko entered the penalty area and made a low shot but there was nobody else to send the ball into the net of already defeated goalkeeper of Maribor. The footballers in white jerseys struck back in the 69th minute. Rahmanović made a shot from distance but our Bojan Pavlović defended his shot.

The last goal of the match happened in the 70th minute when Mendy put the ball into the undefended corner of Sarajevo’s goal with a low shot after a center shot from the right side. Our Club had the initiative until the end of the match with a few nice combinations and attempts of Okić and Kramar and a chance to score the goal but the nets remained still. Players selected by Miodrag Ješić will play the next match in Antalya on Friday against Astana from Kazakhstan.

NK Maribor 3:1 FK Sarajevo

Sports center "Sucesi" - Belek, spectators: 50, scorers: Tavares (2), Mendy (Maribor), Duljević (Sarajevo).

NK Maribor – first half: Handanović, Janža, Defendi, Šuler, Hodžić, Vršić, Filipović, Kabha, Balde, Tavares, Ibrahimi. From the 67th minute: Obradović, Mertelj, Rajčević, Šme, Viler, Dervišević, Sallalich, Rahmanović, Ahmedi, Bohar, Mendy.

FK Sarajevo first half: Plakalo, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Barbarić, Kovačević, Rustemović, Emerson, Simeunović, Duljević, Amer Bekić, Cesar. Second half: Pavlović, Kallasi, Kramar, Berberović, Mihojević, Radovac, Krajišnik, Okić, Benko, Velkoski, Herić. Veladžić and Osmanović played also.