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NK Široki Brijeg 1: 0 FK Sarajevo | Maroon club defeated at Pecara

11.03.2018 at 19:54h

NK Široki Brijeg 1: 0 FK Sarajevo | Maroon club defeated at Pecara

Sarajevo football players were defeated in the first game of the playoffs for the champion of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Football players of Husref Musemić lost the minimum result on a trip to Široki Brijeg.

The opening of the match brought the initiative of the host, but there was no danger for the goal of Sarajevo. On the other hand, Sarić crossed the right side, having a shot, but the ball ends on the outside goal area of the host. Then Mustafić tried to change the result, but Bandić defended. Crepulja was nicely found by Bekić on the left side, who was looking for Velkoski at the center, but the goalkeeper of Široki Brijeg is coming after the ball. It was played 22. minute when Lončar was blocked and then the same player shot after the mistake of Crepulja, but Pavlović defended.

By the end of the first part of Sarajevo, three attacks are more promising. Sarić was found on the other side of Halilović, who returned the ball where Crepulja did not have enough time to shoot. After that, Mustafić added ball to Sarić, who shot through the goal from a good position, and until the end, Halilović had a good position, but he complicated his shod was blocked.

At the opening of the second part, there is a great opportunity for Široki Brijeg. After the corner, Bralić shot with his head, but Pavlović greatly defended. The 69. minute was on when Široki Brijeg came to the lead. Bagarić was in the forbidden position, but did not hear the whistle of the referee.

By the end of the match, Sarajevo still had a chance through Bekić, who from the distance shot through the goal, and on the other side, Pavlović defended the shot of Kuljul. In the next round, Sarajevo will play in Bijeljina.

NK Široki Brijeg 1:0 FK Sarajevo

Stadium “Pecara”,spectators: 3.000, main referee: Zoran Grbić (Prijedor),yellow cards: D. Ćorić, J. Ćorić, Barišić (NK Široki Brijeg), Halilović (FK Sarajevo), scorers: 69’ Bagarić (NK Široki Brijeg).

NK Široki Brijeg: Bandić, D. Ćorić, Kvesić, Barišić, Bralić, Zlomislić,  J. Ćorić (80. minute Kožul), Lončar, Begonja, Peko (67. minute Čorluka) and Baraban (67. minute Bagarić).Coach: Goran Sabljić.

FK Sarajevo: Pavlović, Hodžić, Bekić, Mujakić, Šofranac, Crepulja (69. minute Kuzmanović), Mustafić, Stanojević (77. minute Rahmanović), Sarić, Halilović i Velkoski (84. minute Husejinović).  Coach: Husref Musemić.