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Preparatory match: Sarajevo FC 8:0 Natron Maglaj FC

22.06.2014 at 20:46h

Preparatory match: Sarajevo FC 8:0 Natron Maglaj FC

Within the preparations for the upcoming competitive season, the Sarajevo FC players played the first preparatory match at the "Asim Ferhatović-Hase" Olympic Stadium. The opponent of the maroon lads was the Natron FC from Maglaj and the final result of the match was 8:0 for the Sarajevo Football Club. The scorers were Todorović, Stojčev, Bilbija, Okić, Handžić and Duljević, who scored three goals.

Today, the Sarajevo began the match in the following composition: Bandović, Muharemović, Puzigaća, Mitrevski, Kovačević, Kostić, Stojčev, Purić, Todorović, Bilbija, Gavrić.

The viewers didn’t have the opportunity to see any goals at the biggest Bosnian and Herzegovinian stadium in the first half an hour of the match. Kovačević and Purić attempted two times but without success.

The first goal was scored in the 34th minute of the match. Todorović passed the ball to Stojčev who scored a goal against Natron. Two more goals were scored in the last minutes of the first half. Ognjen Todorović and Nemanja Bilbija scored goals and the first half time ended with the result 3:0 in favour of Sarajevo.


The following players were given opportunities in the second half: Plakalo, Barić, Dupovac, Tatomirović, Radovac, Cimirot, Handžić, Duljević, Okić, Velkoski.


Later on in the match, the situation on the field remained the same. Sarajevo attacked, created chances and in the 63rd minute one chance was successful. Velkoski nicely passed the ball to Duljević who easily shot the ball into the goal of the guests from Maglaj.

In the 76th minute, Duljević scored his second goal of the match with previous assistance of Barić. Three minutes later, another new player of the Sarajevo Football Club, Ševko Okić, scored a goal. Haris Duljević crowned his good performance today with the third goal he made in the 85th minute when he sent a rejected ball into the net of the goalkeeper of Natron. In the last minute of the match, we saw another goal. Young Faris Handžić also scored with the assistance of Duljević.

Preparatory match: Sarajevo FC 8:0 Natron Maglaj FC

Scorers: Todorović, Stojčev, Bilbija, Okić, Handžić, Duljević (3)