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Press Release

21.11.2018 at 13:00h

Press Release

Football club Sarajevo has filed a criminal complaint due to attempted murder of the club's assistant coach, Muhamed Dzakmic. To recall what happened, Dzakmic was struck purposefully by a rock in the head during the match of the BH Telecom Premier League of Bosnia and Herzegovina between HSK Zrinjski and FK Sarajevo, this resulted with serious bodily injury of the assistant coach and being hospilized. 

The criminal complaint is filed against the spectators that were involved in throwing the rocks towards the coach(as seen on video footage) and that have committed attempt on murder as the rock was purposefully thrown to injure one of the staff of FK Sarajevo (166KZ point 2C - murder from hate).

FK Sarajevo has requested for the Ministry of Internal Affairs to be involved with the on-going investigation, to research and examine all video evidence from the match. Furthermore, to interview the security guards from the agency that was employed by the club for the match in question. 

Assistent coach Dzakmic is currently on leave, as recommended by his doctor.  Medical tests that were completed day after the match led to a diagnosis of brain concussion and has shown signs of weakness and problems with fainting.