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06.04.2014 at 21:05h


City stadium in Prijedor hosted a match between the local club Rudar and Sarajevo FC, however, the result was 0:0. During the match, the hosts were mainly closer to the winning score; however, their attempts were futile. Our players seemed harmless with only two offensive moves of Ognjen Todorović.

Rudar was better at the very beginning of the match. In the 17th minute, Mišan kicked the ball right next to the left goal bar of Delač. In the 30th minute, Delač poorly estimated the hit, and after the ball was returned by Kantar, Vidić misses the goal.

Kantar was the next to have the opportunity to hit diagonally from the right, but the ball was intercepted by Delač. The ball bounces to Mišin who kicks it from close vicinity, but Delač holds his defence.

The result was 0-0 when the break came. In the second half, our team showed some determination. In the 48th minute, after Jajalo’s corner kick, Stakić managed to move the ball in front of the Dupovac in the last moment.

After the ball out of play in the 64th minute, Vidić made a head-kick, but Delač caught the ball with ease. In the following action, Kantar passed the ball to Vidić who kicks from a ten-meter distance directly to well-positioned Barić.

By the end of the match the result remained the same and with the only one point in the bag, Sarajevo didn’t manage to catch up with the leader Zrinjski from Mostar.

Rudar FC 0:0 Sarajevo FC

Stadium: City Stadium in Prijedor. Referee: Muamer Bureković (Zenica). Yellow cards: Jovičić (Rudar).

FK Sarajevo: Delač, Barić, Jajalo (after the 79th minute: Radovac), Velkoski, Todorović, Tatomirović, Vusljanin, Cimirot, Tadejević, Dupovac, Bilbija. Coach: Robert Jarni.