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Sarajevo as a guest team defeated by Mladost

24.10.2015 at 17:30h

Sarajevo as a guest team defeated by Mladost

Footballers of Sarajevo was defeated in the match against Mladost in Doboj – Kakanj with a result 2:1. Tomislav Barbarić scored the only goal for the Maroon Club in the Matchday 13 of the BH Telecom Premier league of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Our players opened the first half better. In the second minute Rustemović executed a free kick that went over the goal bar and few minutes later Benko was not precise as well. After this Isaković, a player of the home team, reacted well after the centre shot of Velkoski. Radovac also attempted in the 18th minute of the match but without any changes in the result. Mladost took the lead in the 22nd minute. Dilaver was the best of all in the penalty area of our Club and hit the net of Plakalo with a header. After the lead of the home team, players in the Maroon jerseys continued with attacks. Before the end of the first half, Velkoski attempted but the ball went over the goal. Sarajevo leveled the result in the 43rd minute. Velkoski made a centre shot from the right side corner, Barbarić jumped the highest in the penalty area and, by a nice shot, scored the goal to level the result. Soon after this, the football players of Mladost had another chance and Ramović hit the goal bar of Plakalo’s goal by a diagonal shot from the left side.

At the beginning of the second half, Harmony Ikande entered the game instead of Okić. By this, he returned to the field after his absence of several months due to an injury. In the second half the home team had the first chance. Plakalo intervened well after Dilaver’s atempt. After this Velkoski attempted from a free kick, but without changes. The footballers of Mladost scored a new goal in the 66th minute of the match. Kovač scored into the net of Plakalo. Sarajevo could have leveled the result in the 81st minute of the match. Benko set free of his keeper and kicked the ball to the nearest side of the home team’s goal, but the goalkeeper Hadžić performed well and defended his shot. In the 87th minute of the match, Radovac passed the ball to Barbarić, who made a shot diagonally from the left side, and Hadžić caught the ball from second attempt. There were no other chances for both teams until the end of the match.

In the next Matchday, our Sarajevo will play against Sloboda from Tuzla at the Olympic Stadium “Asim Ferhatović-Hase”.

FK Mladost Doboj Kakanj 2:1 FK Sarajevo

Scorers: Dilaver 22nd minute, Barbarić 43rd minute, Kovač 66th minute. City stadium Mladost in Doboj nearby Kakanj, spectators: 3.500, referee: Vladimir Bjelica, yellow card: Isaković, Bošković (Mladost), Okić, Kadušić (Sarajevo).

FK Mladost: Doboj Kakanj: Hadžić, Rizvanović, Isaković, Čović, Karahmet, Kobilica (from 84th minute Husić), Bošković, Šišić, Ramović, Kovač, Dilaver.

FK Sarajevo: Plakalo, Kadušić, Almir Bekić, Tatomirović (from 66th minute Amer Bekić), Barbarić, Radovac, Rustemović, Duljević (from 81st minute Berberović), Okić (od 46th minute Ikande), Benko, Velkoski.